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Your favorite coaster for ejector/flojector/floater?


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If you had to divide your favorite airtime moments into separate types, which coaster for you gives the best ejector air, which gives the best flojector air, and which gives the best floater air?

For me, it’s El Toro for ejector, Ravine Flyer II for flojector, and Behemoth for floater.


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Thanks for the replies so far. Interesting to see that people have very different notions of which coaster gives which type of air.


Matt SR
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Ejector - Storm Chaser first airtime hill
Flojector - Fury 325 Treble Clef turnaround
Floater - Steel Vengeance barrel roll #1 (after the double up)


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1) OCT Thrust
2) Lightning Run
3) Skyrush
4) Storm Chaser
5) Phantom's Revenge
HM: El Toro, STR, Thundercoaster

1) Voyage
2) Python in Bamboo Forest
3) Helix
(Actually my top 3 overall, guess flojector is my favorite)

1) Mako
2) Boulder Dash
3) Phoenix

Combination of all:
1) Voyage
2) Python in Bamboo Forest
3) Boulder Dash

<3 Terrain wooden coasters


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Ejector:Skyrush/Storm Chaser/hyperion/Sv

Flojector: Phoenix/Mako/goliath(sfog)


Matt N

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I'm not sure which rides fall under floater and which rides fall under ejector from what I've done, so I'm splitting it into abrupt and sustained.

Abrupt Airtime: Icon
Sustained Airtime: Mako

Interestingly, this is my exact top 2, although I rank Mako ahead of Icon, so I clearly prefer sustained airtime! Not sure I've done anything with flojector...
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Nicky Borrill

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Ejector: UNTAMED!!! Hands down!

Flojector: Not really sure what classifies, but some of the best ‘slightly weaker‘ ejector I’ve found was on Taron, Helix and Zadra

Floater: Shambhala... Nothing comes close to floating above your seat for a solid 4 seconds over every hill!