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Your biggest autocorrect fails?

Matt N

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Hi guys. With smartphones and tablets becoming an ever-increasing presence in our everyday lives, one key thing that many now encounter on a day-to-day basis is autocorrect. This well-intentioned spell-checking tool can often be of great convenience, helpfully correcting those accidental typos we can be prone to making when typing on a small screen or typing in a rush. However, autocorrect can also slip up and produce unintended mistakes from time to time, and I’m sure that most of us have had some autocorrect fails in our lifetime. So my question to you today is; what are the biggest autocorrect fails you’ve ever had, if you can remember any?

One that comes to mind for me is when I was typing an Alton Towers trip report on my phone in June 2022. I often make typos when typing on my phone, as I have quite a small phone screen relative to many modern phones and my fingers are often too big for the on-screen keyboard.

Basically, I was writing about Wicker Man’s pre-show, and a quirk that happened on my ride where the doors remained open and the pre-show didn’t run. The sentence I intended to write was:
As such, no one watched it; we were just filtered straight through the room.
The reason I have italicised “room” is because I later realised that I had evidently misspelled “room” when initially typing this sentence. I must have misspelled it pretty drastically, however, because autocorrect corrected it to “boobs”… as such, the sentence I came out with was:
As such, no one watched it; we were just filtered straight through the boobs.
That was a pretty embarrassing autocorrect fail… in fact, I think that the trip report had already been posted before I saw that particular typo!

But have you had any big autocorrect fails over the years?


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Probably in my work WhatsApp group, when I had just parked up for our annual Christmas meal (arriving early) and asked if anyone else was there yet. There was, so I replied back something along the lines of "Great, I'll be there in just a  sex".


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Not from autocorrect, but i've made a few typos - think my favourite is missing the O off hello-

"Hell Diane, I've enclosed the file!"

and mum once wrote:

"Rabies is a real treat."


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Not autocorrect, but a typo made by my colleague.

When printing the delivery labels at work, you need to specify how many are needed. Colleague meant to print 3 labels...

Van only holds 52 crates... Would have been one huge delivery if that number was genuine...