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You can expect this at the Walibi Fright Nights 2020


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This year you can experience Halloween differently than other years. There will be fewer haunted houses open, but the haunted houses that are open can be visited with a small group or even alone. There will be no separate scare zones in the park that are full of actors. This was done to influence the flow of the park and to avoid congestion, says director Mascha van Til.

Normally, the park is almost completely sold out on Halloween, which creates huge queues. This year, Walibi Holland will allow approximately 10.000 people to enter the park. Normally the maximum capacity of the park is more than 20.000.

Source: Thrilltalk.com


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10k people as a max capacity sounds crazy low. Normally they manage 10k on their quietest Fright Nights dates, and have a capacity at around 23k.

Also, given how busy queues have been and pictures I've seen from the park over the last couple of weeks, the park looks incredibly busy - feels like more than 10k. (Obviously I could be completely wrong having not visited over the last couple of weeks, but just the impression I'm getting).

So if that 10k number is accurate, it's amazing they're able to put the event and still feel like they're in a position to, presumably, make a profit from it.

Nonetheless, still really intrigued to see what they come up with. I loved their event last year, and if anywhere can come up with a creative way for getting around Covid restrictions and pull it off, Walibi is one I'd trust most to be honest.