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Yomiuriland | Space Factory | Gerstlauer Inverted Coaster | 2021


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The new "factory" land is already there with buildings for Car Factory, Food Factory and Fashion Factory all containing rides, so it makes sense that this will be added there.

The other "factories" are all heavily sponsored, so I'd assume this will be too.

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Yep, 100% that's a Gerstlauer, based on the support structure, track connections and brakes. It literally uses the Infinity coaster brakes, see the second picture. This ride in particular just looks like an inverted bobsled coaster.

Make Dead Factory II a reality!

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In a way, this almost looks more like Gerstlauer’s take on something like Arthur/Dragon Gliders than a traditional inverted coaster. I know it’s not powered, but that’s the sort of vibe I’m getting here as opposed to a more thrilling invert.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t TusenFryd also due to get a Gerstlauer inverted coaster? Although from what I’ve heard, theirs will be more thrilling.


@CrashCoaster - thank you for your post and for digging through twitter for the photos and info.
It's a really odd coaster and although it's one I'll most likely never ride; I'm intrigued to see if we will see one in Europe -especially if @Matt N thinks there is a possibility TusenFryd might be getting one.


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You are right! On the top left picture the seats seem to swing a fair bit! Would be cool if it is going to be like that irl, not like on the Vekoma suspended coasters...
I just noticed and edited it into the post, I didn't think to translate the text blurbs on those pics. It says first in Japan, but I don't think there is a coaster anywhere that has free swinging in any direction, is there? Edit: Actually I dont know about that bit, depending on how you translate it, it can come as "swinging back and forth and left and right" or "swinging back and forth, left and right" which have different connotations.
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Well this confirms 100% that Tusenfryd's launch coaster is a Gerstlauer, without any doubt (as there is actual hard evidence). The train design in the plans looks identical to these.


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Why does the coaster sound like it got its name from some scammy fat-burning diet pill?


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Looks like a pretty fun little coaster, the factory area at the top of Yommies was really well done I thought when i was there a year and a bit ago.