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Yet another Scarefest Report-01/11


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So on the last day of the full open season, for the second year running, I went to Scarefest. Arrived late, around 2, as we would be staying until closing.

Pictures will be up as soon as I work out how to post Flickr pictures or one of the other sites like Imageshack are working for me. And this time I will remember. Most of them are not amazing as they were pretty much point and click (well, point, half click, full click as I have a Sony Ericsson) and with dodgy camera settings.

The entrance and Towers Street looked fantastic, much better tan last year, although the stilt walker was probably scary for kids entering the park. (Pics here.) All two of them. We discovered as soon as we got in the place was scarily empty and went to the Flume, as it would be closing at 3:30.

It started raining quite biblically when we were on the long bit in the woods, got more wet that way than the ride itself. Luckily, it stopped after we got off. Fun as usual, and they had the showers on at the end. Starting to get boring in the middle section.

Continuing through, we went on RMT, but despite the lack of any queue at all, we only got two goes. as per usual it was fun and surprisingly aggresive. While in the area, we also went on the Rapids. The path is far too long and takes ages walking it, but there was no queue so we got on straight away. We were right infront of the skeleton boat, which was cool (pic to follow here). They were very fun and wetter than I remembered from previous rides.

After spending far too much time faffing about with food in Forbiden Valley, we headed to Hex but took a wrong turning and went one of the long ways through the garden instead of the shortcut through it. Was pretty, though. Got some nice pictures here.

Eventually got to Hex and really enjoyed it. Great story, told well and amazing theming. Ride part was very good and more than a little wierd. My first ride and I loved it. You could also tell it was set up to go live later on. 10/10 for an amazing dark ride.

There was another actor on stilts outside Hex, he was very scary, and chased me for taking a picture.

Had a very quick look at Rita, which was actually open for only the third time when I've been there (this is the first time it has been open every time in a year), but decided not to go on yet and save it for later, got my first look at SW6 and was impressed, got a couple of poor pictures which will appear here soon. Those wriaths looked and sounded great too.

So next we went on Enterprise, twice, my favourite flat ride at Alton apart from (sice yesterday) Hex. Didn't get as long as I remember upside down but made up for it by getting a lot of time sideways at the end before the brake. While we were there we went on the excelent Oblivion, on the back and it did not hold us, so a bit disapointing but still excelent.

Now it was dark, we headed back to Rita and using fastpass got on the back row. After taking our fastpass they said if we wanted to go front row, we would have to go round the queue, which didn't make sence as we had fastpasses but couldn't use them now, so we went very back instead. It was easily my best ride on Rita so far. A fair bit of 'Intamin Shuffle' but the first hill had airtime and the first corner was quite fun, but not sharp or painfull as people make out. Good views of SW6 available, and when loking down from the brake, the backwards helix is in a massive trench which looks like it will be covered.

Queued for Spinball, but the games were all broken and was not quite as fun as it was the last few times. While we were there, we went on Beastie, just because we could. We got three laps and I enjoyed it. The trim on the drop makes for some wiked acceleration up the hill, and that turn is great. Very smooth for it's age. I have now been on every coaster at AT!

Headed to Air via Haunted Hollow and after arguing over front or back went for front. No queue at all so walk on, pretty good, not as intense as last time but the tuen facing the sky was intense for longer. Didn't get the amazing airtime before the first proper drop, which was sad, and I never noticed air had a trim before. Enjoyed it though, looks great at night and the dark tunnel looks great beyong the beautiful blue light of the station.

Did Nemesis next and think I had the same ride-op Martyn had, a bit of a nutter. Nemesis was great as always but not as good as last Scarefest or summer for some reason.

Finally, a night ride on RMT with three laps, two goes on the Rapids (we got to stay on), Katanga looked amazing at night. Another go on Enterprise and two more on Oblivion (finaly got front and held on last go) before heading home. We had a relaxed day so done well for ride count.
Did a survey on the way out, hopefully our answers will make it beter next year. Only disapointment was missing Hex Live. Really wanted to do that.

Staff were, as usual, beyond brilliant, can't thank them enough, putting all the effort in on what must have been a long day.

Be back same time next year!

I will expand on this tommorrow, I'm in a rush.