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Worlds of Wonder - Amusement Park & Water Park in Delhi/NCR

Brijesh Kumar

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World of Wonder - Best Amusement Park & Water Park in Delhi/NCR amazes you and thrills you with its wonderful international rides. Rides that bring out an adolescent in you, no matter what your age is and what gender you are belonging to. There is something special for everyone.

It is the only amusement park which meets international standards and is one of the biggest amusement parks in Asia. The park is broadly categorized into 2 zones - Teen Zone and La Fiesta (The Family Zone). Kid’s zone is impressively prepared and maintained where your tiny tots can enjoy with foot thumping music and without any fair on their mind.

The park offers about 19 thrilling and mind boggling rides and the park does not finished just by delivering dashing cars and roller coasters. It offer number of international rides suitable for all age group. However, the rides available here are certainly not for weak hearted and asthma people.


Mountain monkey
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Uhh... hello and welcome to CF! Do you have any pictures of the park? I think India is one of the countries with the highest "people per coaster" ratio in the world, and a surprisingly small theme park scene considering the country's size, population and economy. It's great to hear more details from such a scarce place in the theme park world.