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Working ride op abroad? Experiences?


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I'm wondering and dreaming at the same time from working in park as ride op. Europe would be great, america would be the best option.

I have work experience as ride op already and it would be great to expand it at the same time as my working experience abroad. Is there any people who has worked abroad in parks?


Disney in America have some sort of program running if you are looking at working as a ride op abroad, your other option is Europa Park (on the European summer program).


I'll be out there this summer; a couple of other members on the forum will be going this year/have done it in the past as well and it seems like a fantastic experience; accommodation and a lunch a day is provided and the pay is hourly so you come off pretty well as you don't have to pay any rent :)


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There are many U.S. amusement parks that have programs for foreigners to come and work at a park for a summer. Often I will see that the workers have their name and their country of origin on their tags, showing that the parks have an organized program.


I’ve done it at few parks and it’s always been fab! Highly highly recommend doing it if you’re interested. Have a google of work america and look on the theme parks of particular interest to get started. Some/ most of the visa schemes have job fairs/contacts with US employers which include a variety of amusement parks. If you want to work at a specific park I’d check their website/contact the park first to see if they’re affiliated with a particular visa agency. Cedar Point, some six Flags and others provide accommodation which saves you having to figure something out, removes transport issues and is a great social experience.

It’s easy (or was in pre trump days) to get a temp visa to do it when you’re an undergrad university student, there is another type of visa that was quite common too but I don’t know the details of that.

Enthusiasm, and a grasp of English is all you need for the job really!