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Any Wordle players on here? If not you've probably seen the grids plastered all over social media.

Wordle 209 3/6


One of my better attempts today. 100% record so far after 8 Wordles but there have been some very close calls.

Rob Coasters

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Been playing the original for literally months every day now, but I'm getting into some spinoffs...

Polygonle is a game where you have to guess a seven letter word in only six tries, but the shapes represent the letters. If letters 4 & 6 are both a triangle, then the fourth and sixth letters are the same. If letter 1 is a circle, and there are no other circles, then letter 1 is not repeated in the word.

Quite fun.

#Polygonle 67 2/6︎


Nicky Borrill

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Just played my first ever 4 games… Does it get any harder? Bored already πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Simple concept though, can see why people like it…


Unless you think it gets considerably harder, I think I’m going to leave it there… As it seems to have the same basic hacks / success tactics as other word guessing games.

This last one annoyed me though!!!


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I took a break from it for a while after failing one. Went back to it recently after a friend of my convinced me to do it again. Here's my current stats:



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Have you tried Sedecordle yet? Guess 16 words with 21 guesses...

No but I've just added to the home screen along with Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Globle, and Worldle.

Will report back!

Someone should make a Credle πŸ‘€

Rob Coasters

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Someone should make a Credle πŸ‘€
I've actually tried making something like this and called it 'Roller Cordle', and used a quiz website called "Sporcle".

Unfortunately it didn't work out for several reasons such as:

-You couldn't progress onto the next image until you got the correct answer, so you were eternally stuck on image 1.

-If the user could change image, they would have to be able to do it right from the start, without having to guess.

-They would have to manually do the emoji results themselves.

-The website didn't have a 'Submit Answer' button (it immediately said 'correct' if you typed the last letter of the right answer) which made it almost impossible to submit a wrong answer, and the only way would've been to "guess" what wrong answers people would put, making the questionmaking process far more challenging than it needed to be.

I badly wanted to make Roller Cordle a thing. Statistics alone would've been admittedly boring, I wanted images.

You can try out my attempt here: https://www.sporcle.com/games/DDeflector/roller-cordle-21

We need an image wordle maker...