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Wild Water West in South Dakota | Unknown | RMC Raptor| 2021


Thanks Pear!
There is a design online. It’s called a Raptor, and even has roller coaster-lovers buzzing about it on an online message board.
They found us! ?

Really though almost seems like they applied for the permit on a whim, to see if they were likely to get approval for a new coaster or not. Certainly doesn’t sound like they’ve actually ordered a Raptor sadly.


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I sent 'em a congrats email and got this back right away- this is huge news for us who have to drive or fly quite a ways for a "big boy" park:

Good Afternoon Robert,

Thank you so much for the feedback and we are happy that people are excited! We are still working through other details including the contract terms and how the coronavirus may impact travel and business, so I can’t say we are 100% done just yet. But we will definitely let everyone know if this deal goes through and we will be excited to show it off to the greater Midwest!

Brian Rehnke
Director of Operations
Wild Water West Waterpark
26767 466th Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605-361-9313
Fax: 605-361-4303

On Mar 18, 2020, at 2:52 PM, Robert Walter <hendrixmarshalljames@yahoo.com> wrote:
Chiming in from Minot, ND. On behalf of the Coaster geeks in the great midwest, congrats and we'll be seeing you soon. You've stirred quite a buzz in the enthusiast community. Good Job!


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A few days late, but since no one has posted it yet...
As you might have expected, Wild Water West has announced that the opening of their new Raptor coaster has been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction that was supposed to start in April will begin this fall, with the August opening pushed back until next Memorial Day weekend, when the park is scheduled to open for the 2021 season.