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Who's Going to Be Next to Get a Wingrider?


Six Flags has shown they're interested in wingriders with XFlight. Cedar Fair on the other hand, needs to compete with it. What park will be getting a wingrider for 2013?

Just a grain of salt, but I say Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, or Kings Island.


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Whoever has the money and space.

Darren B

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Cedar Fair have more dinosaurs to build so count them out, Merlin already have 2, AT will 1,000,000% not get one in 2013, neither will Heide as they've only just installed Krake, so My bet is on Six flags rolling a few out just as they did with the Inverts,Stand-ups,Hypers,Flyers and floorless coasters. Oh and keep your eyes on Asia too.


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I think merlin might want another one! Not in Alton towers or chessington but what about heide park? Even though they've just got Krake...


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I don't care. Unless it's another park I'm actually going to get to visit...


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^ CP wouldnt get one as it can only be built to a certain drop height without getting to any issues of vibration (next years opening will basically tell the limits these rides are able to produce). As well as a medium sized enough plot, they would find issues putting it in due to the train clearance as well.

Realistically, my guess would go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, as they are like disney, but go for a more thrill ride experience. Adding in the fact that Harry Potter is supposed to get more area, I'd say look there for the next one to be installed.

Hopes would be all major chain parks

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