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Where Can I Buy Manufacturer Merch?


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I really want to go to theme parks and wear an RMC t-shirt to troll lots of enthusiasts, but I can't find how people are able to purchase them. Are they only exclusive for people who work for the company or are they purchasable by anyone?


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Or Zamperla, RCCA or Pinfari? I bet those would have been an even bigger hit among enthusiasts.


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How, pray tell, would a RMC shirt troll enthusiasts? Wouldn't something like, "Togo or bust," be more effective at that? Is trolling enthusiasts worth an actual expenditure? Is encountering a large group of enthusiasts a regular occurrence during your visits? Oh, I just have so many questions...


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100% would buy this shirt.
Plus it's true for stand-ups.
*checks the calendar*

Yep, it's still April 1st. ;)

But seriously, I'm surprised at how often I've heard that opinion expressed. Then again, I thought Mantis was Cedar Point's best B&M, so I suppose my opinion was flawed to begin with, haha.


A 16 year old walking round in an RMC shirt is going to stir up those rumour mills definitely. Those silly enthusiasts will be kicking themselves when they realise they've been 'trolled'!

On a more serious note I bought a T shirt from the RMC website less than a year ago and the logo is already quite faded, it's not great merch.