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When in Rome...


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… go to theme parks!!!

So my and I family have just arrived two nights ago, from a 5 night holiday in Rome. Last Sunday we visited the two Roman theme parks, Rainbow Magicland and the new Cinecitta World on the same day. All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic day and I actually think doing both parks on the same day made it even more exciting.

The only disappointing thing was that neither of the theme parks were open on my birthday the next day :cry: , which was a shame, but the most important thing was that I got to go them.

We did Rainbow Magicland first because it only stayed open till 6, whereas Cinecitta World stayed open till 10.


Just to warn you, I only took photos of shock (because its so damn beautiful<3 :) or just general photos of the park, so my photo selection is a little incomplete :(

Anyway, the park was very pretty as shown in the picture above. I kind of felt like it was inspired by Islands of Adventure, in terms of having rides around a lake and a very high standard of theming.

For a fairly new park, I felt it was fairly complete in terms of ride selection for a family park and as I said, I thought the theming of the exterior part of the buildings was very good. I also liked that most rides has their own individual theme, rather than being part of themed area, much like a lot of the rides at Gardaland.


However, I thought this building (which you can see in full in the other picture) was a real eyesore. I know it was in the kiddy area, but it just looked like a big, inflated bouncy castle and I detested it with a passion.


Anyway, on to the rides, first of which was Rainbow Magicland's star attraction, Shock.


The line was about twenty minutes, which wasn't too bad considering its poor capacity. There seemed to be alot of people in the park, but the queues were never too bad.


First impressions were very good. I was glad to find that the restraints didn't tighten like I found on G Force and Abismo, so the three airtime pops were very enjoyable.

The launch didn't have a massively fast acceleration, but I like how it got considerably faster towards the end of the track. There was a nice pop of airtime at the top of the first hill and the non-inverting loop. The following overbank was excellent; really intense. The final pop of airtime was found entering the MCBR.

The last twisty bit was very average, but the inversion nice floaty fun. Overall, I really like the ride. It has a good mixture of airtime and strong forces. However, I found that the braking on the MCBR was quite harsh and the ride just generally rattled a fair bit, almost like it was significantly older than what it is.

Despite the negatives, it's a very solid attraction and I like that it is quite different in terms of the layout from most coasters.

Next rides:

Bombo - Vekoma Roller Skater with a name that apparently means 'bumblebee'. It was alright, but just a cred.

Bruco (or Catepillar) - My first wacky worm of the year <3.

Mystika - A drop tower, but have no idea who it is made by. Enlighten me please :) Anyway it was quite lame. It braked like half way down the drop.


Didn't ride Shock next, but I thought I'd just throw in a photo.

Cagliostro (can't find out what it means) was a most-indoor Maurer spinner and had the longest queue of the day at 35 minutes. The exterior theming for the ride was very impressive, but the inside was very basic, as in no theming.

It was a fairly decent coaster, but I would've liked it to either have some interior theming or at least be in pitch black. I also hate it when rides have a chain lift up into the station.

Next up was the mine train, Olandese Volante (Flying Dutchman). It's similar (or exactly the same?) to ones at Gardaland and Walibi Belgium, but I preferred it slightly because it was less rattly. Still a fairly poor layout though.

Next was a nice fast food type lunch. It was fast food style, but the food itself was pretty decent, though most of drinks on the drink machine weren't working so I was forced to have Coke :(

Lunch was the followed by the following rides:

Huntik - Felt like going on a dark ride, which is unusual for me and it was actually fairly good. It was in the style of Spiderman, but with a shooting element.

Yucatan - Splash boat water ride. Beautifully themed and I liked that both the drops were a good size. A nice soaking it delivered, but lots of spray as opposed to a deluge of water.

Le Rapide - I told my dad and sister not to worry about getting too wet because I assumed they would have any of the showers turned on. I was wrong :p



We then rode Shock another three times, before I decided to have a second ride on Yucatan, solo :( My sister wasn't sure if she liked Shock at first, but after these three rides she was sold :)

I wanted a fourth ride, but they decided to close it for 20 minutes :?

So we had a ride on the flying island, where I got some good aerial park photos.




After that, I got my final ride on Shock, which maintained its brilliance throughout the day and had the advantage that the queue was completely non-existent each time we rode it apart from the first time.

Finally, we grabbed a couple of snacks and we were on our way to Cinecitta World, which I will cover in my next report :)

Thank you for reading.


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Good report! I also want to visit Italy sometime in the following years and Rainbow Magicland certainly is on my to do list. The theming actually looks really nice.

Having ridden Formule X, I can really see the potential of these Maurer Söhne X-car coasters, and Shock looks great!

Looking forward to the next part, as it's a park I know very little about.


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ThomVD said:
Good report! I also want to visit Italy sometime in the following years and Rainbow Magicland certainly is on my to do list. The theming actually looks really nice.

Having ridden Formule X, I can really see the potential of these Maurer Söhne X-car coasters, and Shock looks great!

Looking forward to the next part, as it's a park I know very little about.

Thank you :)

Yes the exterior theming is some of the best around IMO.


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This is literally taken from Peep's Germany TR. Some conspiracy stuff going on here.

Edit: This is now quite awkward too :p It's like we're accusing Cookie here. Maybe you should delete our posts here as well :wink:


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It amuses me to punish you by making things awkward - so it stays :)


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Sorry its taken me like 5 months to get around to finishing this, but I just kept forgetting to do it and I've been busy with school work etc.

I have got some pictures of Cinecitta World, but it was dark most of the time when we were there so they're not great. I will post them soon after this report (or some time in the future :) )

Anyway on to the report. I think we left Rainbow Magicland about 3.30-4pm and arrived at Cinecitta World roughly 20 mins before 5. I remember this because we got a late afternoon/evening ticket that was valid from 5pm till the park closing at 10pm, so we had to wait around for a little while before we could go in.

I'll do a little review of the park itself and the rides I went on.

Park Review

The entrance to the park is very imposing, but in quite a spectacular way that it makes it a lot more memorable than a lot of other theme park entrances. I thought the level of detail was impressive, not the best I've seen, but certainly of high quality. There were several other features inside the park that were of the same quality, such as the elephant station for the drop tower, but if I was being picky, I did think there were some cases where the theming was a little plain. I'd be curious to see if they add more theming to certain areas in the coming years

In terms of crowds, for most of the time they were non-existent. And I really mean virtually non-existent. When we first got into the park, there seemed to be a fairly healthy number of people, but after an hour or two it seemed that pretty much everybody had left to go home. As much as I loved that we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves most of the time, I do hope that the park gets more popular over the coming years because the lack of people was quite shocking and I doubt would be enough for the park to survive on. However, I've never been to a theme park in their opening year, so maybe this sort of experience is fairly normal?

Overall though I really liked the park. The ride selection is very small, but they've made very good choices with the rides they have. I liked that there were some big open spaces around the centre of the park and the water coaster because it made the experience of being at the park very relaxing. Or maybe they just felt very open because there was barely anybody in them :) . It's a park I would love to see develop to become one of the best in Europe and I really hope they succeed because I really felt an emotional connection with the park, which I did not expect to have.

Onto the rides:


This is the Mack water coaster. In terms of the layout, I was pleased that the ride had two drops instead of one like the Atlantica Super Splash clones because it made the ride feel a little more satisfying in terms of length. However, for some reason that I can't quite explain, I still prefer Atlantica. I would have liked to see some theming at the top parts of the ride like the splash boat ride at Rainbow Magicland, but overall they had made a decent effort with this ride. In terms of wetness, I can't quite remember, but I think it was mostly spray, so not too wet, but not dry either.

Altair CCW-0204

I did a little review of it in the top 10 topic after I rode it, so I will quote that

Altair is a significant improvement on Colossus in every way. The restraints are more comfortable and obviously allow for a lot more freedom being lap bars. The first drop is more exciting and generates a considerably faster pace for the entire coaster. The ride is pretty forceful, especially in the vertical loop and although it is a bit shaky towards the back of the train, it is fairly minor and doesn't cause any discomfort. The five heartline rolls are incredible. There not taken too slow that they create lots of hangtime, but still offer a brilliant sensation of freedom because of only being restrained by lap bars.

I have always liked Colossus, but have thought that it's full potential was never reached. Altair pretty much fufils this potential and is really an excellent coaster.

I think the only thing I will add to that is that there wasn't one part of the ride that I thought was significantly lacking. Every feature was executed well and kept the thrilling experience consistent. I'm sure that especially those of you who don't like Colossus will find this a much better experience.


This ride is a lot better than the layout plans made it look. First off, its impeccably smooth throughout, which helps to make it one of the most enjoyable enclosed coasters that I've ridden. It also has a nice level of intensity that makes it both a good family coaster, but still exciting for us enthusiasts. The free-fall drop section felt a lot stronger than Thirteen; more in line with the one on Verbolten, which made the element a lot more worthwhile. In terms of length, I would have liked it to be a bit longer, but it certainly left me feeling satisfied after each ride. The only negative point was to some extent the indoor effects. I was expecting there to be something better than a few 2D screens, but it wasn't really a major problem and at least what was on the screens were fairly effective


An Intamin drop tower with three different experiences and a fantastic elephant-themed station. The three different experiences were: normal sit-down, sit-down tilt (never seen this before) and stand-up tilt. Much like with Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, I really enjoyed riding all the different cars because it makes the ride a little more diverse. I'd say it was a very similar height to Apocalypse and it also had a forceful drop. I'd say the stand-up tilt was my favourite because I found it the most exhilarating.

In addition to these rides, I think there was also a walk-through horror attraction, a splash battle and some kiddie rides, but I wasn't really interested in riding any of these.

Thank you for reading this report and as I said at the beginning, I'll post some pictures (although not very good ones) sometime soon.


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Here are some of the pictures from Cinecitta World (mostly in the dark).


The fabulous park entrance


Some more theming outside the entrance


The Mack Super Splash as seen from outside the entrance


The Drop tower with one of the best stations ever <3


A blurry photo of two of the stage sets and the fountains. I think there were actually three stage sets. One housed the coaster, one I think was like a 4D cinema and the other one housed a kids play area. Unfortunately most of the photos from now on are probably going to be blurry :(


The fountains made up a little maze which was mildly amusing to run through


The station and lift on Altair


The Cobra Roll


Open for only a few months and already its an abandoned amusement park :)


Where the Super Splash makes a Super Splash


One of the buildings on mainstreet


Leaving the park :(


So that was my last park of 2014, but thankfully in just a few days I will be at my first park of 2015.

Again sorry for the poor photos. I should have taken them earlier and with more care but I have to say that taking good photos were the last thing I was thinking about when I was rushing round all the rides.


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Cinecitta looks like a park with loads of potential! Some of the theming looks really excellent, and it seems to have a decent (but small) ride selection so far. That drop tower station looks incredible.