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What's your "Cre-Ho"tient?


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So - on a scale of 1-10, how much of a cre-ho are you?

I'd probably give myself about 6-7.

On the "plus" side -
  1. I do count
  2. I have a number of kiddy creds and +1s in my count
  3. I do of course plan trips for just theme parks
  4. I count alpine coasters and relocations
  5. I have some other dubious creds in my count
On the "minus" side I don't have to ride everything-
  1. I've missed a few big apples (particularly the one at liliputhammer - even though I was at hunderfossen for the day, anbd I've been to djurs twice and not done theirs)
  2. I've never ridden a go gator
  3. I chose to reride formula rossa at ferarri world, instead of doing "yolo works" at fun works in the same mall - looks an "interesting" idea, but I LOVED ROSSA TOO MUCH!
  4. A park needs something more than a big apple to make me visit!


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Definitely ride kiddie coasters... have driven miles and miles out of the way to track down kiddie coasters. (But I don't get pissy when adults can't ride)
Plan trips for tracking down coasters... But I like to do other things along the way (Nash/State parks, Zoo's, Museums)
I've done Credit-Run trips where I've visited +5 parks in a day... More than once.

Uh... Don't count relocated (but do note having ridden it at each location)
Don't count Alpine Coasters. (But do note them on C-C)
And uh, I've seen operating kiddie coasters that adults can obtain and have passed them by. (So I guess it comes down to how I'm feeling)

Hmm, on a scale of 1 to 10? Probably like...An 8.... But not a desperate 8?


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Well, it is my first year planning coaster trips, butI've put some ground rules against "Ho"-ing.
1 - I am not visiting a park that has less than 2 roller coasters I really want to ride. (That is why I waited until this week to visit Plopsaland, despite most of my family living nearby).
2 - I am not riding any kiddie cred, powered (not)-coaster or anything less thrilling than a mine train (looking at you Tivoli).
3 - My coaster count is strict coaster only (no alpine, no water-something)

Obviously, I have no idea how long those rules are going to stand (Kolmarden might mess with rule n°1 pretty soon if Wildfire is open this year), but for now, they keep me from wasting my time and money on unworthy stuff.
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Up until yesterday, I'd have have been a 3 or 4.
I've always been more of a cred snob than a cred whore. Only coasters of a certain caliber would make it into my count. Quite happy to skip Go Gators, Wacky Worms, Tivoli's, junior woodies, crappy Pinfari's, spinning mice, normal mice, etc etc..

Yesterday, that all changed when me, @NeoXIII and @witchfinder embarked on a filthy, shameless cred run to Brean leisure park.
Caterpillar coaster? Check. √
Spinning mouse? Check. √
Crappy Pinfari? Check. √

We even picked up the crappy spinner at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham on the way. :(
I feel dirty.
That's it. Reputation in tatters. Over 20 years of sound, anti cre-ho principles, betrayed in a single moment of weakness.
I spent most of last night sobbing gently into my pillow.
That's all it takes, people. Just one day can take you from a healthy, respectable 3/4 on the cre-ho scale to a filthy, disgusting, shameless 6/7.

But on the bright side...... +4. Yay!

Newbies - you have been warned.


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I'm probably a 7.
I have ridden several Go Gators and travel to ride any available cred.
My count has loads of other kiddie coasters.

I do not count relocations
I do not have any dubious things in my count.

Pink Cadillac

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I'd never use up holiday to purely cred run - everywhere would have to have something I really want to ride. But, when I get a car I might go out at weekends to find +1s if I run out of things to do ;) Dubious-ness varies: I wouldn't count some water rides that everyone else counts like Orlando's JTA and Mack Supersplash's but would count Europa's Poseidon and Alpine/Braso coasters. However, the number doesn't mean much to me and I don't actually know what it is right now so I'll give myself a 3/10.

Edward M

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Hmm, I would say a 5.

If either rcdb or coaster count includes a coaster, I will. I spend a lot of time trying to get to parks however I don't care that much about my cred count. Sure, it's fun to be in the 200s and I hope to get to 300 soon enough, but it isn't worth most of the time and effort required. At the end of the day, it's just a number that only really matters to our niche group. While in the park I will ride every kiddie coaster, but I don't usually seek them out unless they are in a 30 mile or so radius of wherever I am and even then easy to access.

I prioritize cities and experiences within them over most parks. I also care far more about Disney or Universal parks than most coaster parks. Still, I plan on traveling to Europe in the (hopefully) near future for culture and personal interest, but a large part of that trip will be getting to Disneyland Paris, Phantasialand, and any other parks I can fit in. However, if I go to Italy at any point, I doubt I will go to any parks. Each day is precious there, and I really want to see all the cities have to offer.

In conclusion, it depends. I could easily see myself becoming a huge credit whore in the future, but, for now, my oppurtunities to whore are few and far between.


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Probably a 5 or 6

-I do not count re-locations. It's the same track as before
-I do not count VR (I actually know a guy who does :confused:)
-I do not count Disko's/Halfpipes as credits
-I do not count when coasters have their trains turned backwards as new credits (For example, Mr. Freeze --> Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast - Not a new credit)
-I count kiddie creds
-I count dueling coasters as 2 credits (NOT Mobius, though)
I'm indifferent about powered coasters, would need to ride one to judge

I probably wouldn't go out of my way or pay to only get a kiddie credit (I actually passed up the opportunity for my first Wacky Worm at a Wal-Mart parking lot :D)
However, if I happened to be somewhere with a kiddie cred and it was free, hell yeah I'd ride it for the cred XD


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-I do not count Disko's/Halfpipes as credits
They're soooooooo not the same thing. I can understand not counting halfpipes - I count them, but would never count a Disc'o - but I really don't think they can be grouped together like that.

I'm probably an 8.

+ I will, to an extent, go out of my way for a kiddy cred if I'm in the general area, but won't make a massive effort specifically. I'll usually mop up a bunch of kiddy crap in whatever Chinese city I'm visiting, for example, but wouldn't be in that city just for those crappy +1s. They're usually in nice, city parks anyway, so it's "culture", and there's always a chance of stumbling on something previously unknown.

+ I count powered coasters.

+ I count a few things that RCDB doesn't list, based on actual ride experience and personal experience/criteria - frankly, RCDB can get it wrong sometimes. I don't have to justify it or feel the need to convince myself that they should be counted; they just should.

+ I count both/multiple sides of multi-tracked rides

+ I've only done 1 alpine coaster, but I've counted it.

- I don't count both sides of mobius coasters, though I'm not offended by people who do

- I don't count relocations; people who do that are the ultimate worst

- Not that it's come up yet, but I wouldn't count a stand-up to floorless conversion as a new cred


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I'm probably a 7.
Nah mate, have a word.
I'm a 6 now. A couple of years ago, when I was spending time with Darren, I was probably a 8, but on reflection of the past 12 months I'm definitely not as bad as I used to be.
  • Never ridden a Go-Gator, and I won't. Same with Butterflys.
  • Don't count Alpines.
  • Don't visit a specific park/area unless it has 4 or more creds unless I'm already in the area for another non coaster reason.
  • I've skipped worms a few times, but will still ride them if I'm with the kids.
  • Don't have anything dubious counted
  • No relocations, no train changes.
  • I would count Hulk as a new cred though.


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Based on what everyone else has said I'd rate myself a 7 or 8.
  • I count everything that's on coaster-count so stuff like powered and alpine coasters are in.
  • I will ride kiddie creds if I'm at the park anyway.
  • I will go to a crap park with a single cred if it's roughly near/on the way to somewhere else I'm going (as Saturday's trip mentioned by Howie confirms!)
  • I will re-ride most 'adult' creds, however naff they are.
  • I would try a butterfly but wouldn't count it.
  • I wouldn't count relocations as a new cred.
I think that might change a little now I've got over 100 creds though, and I'm planning to focus more on quality than quantity this year (but if I have time I will still ride everything at a park!)


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^Y'see, reaching 200 has had the opposite effect on me. Took me 7 years to get from 100 to 200. 7 years!! (To be fair though, it's all good stuff in there. Very little 'filler'.)
But there's folk on here who'll get 100 creds in a single 2 week road trip. They're the 10ers they are - the hardcore uber-goons. I notice nobody's admitted to being a 10er yet, but we all know who they are...
Anyways, I'm kinda hoping it doesn't take me another 7 years to reach 300, but would still like to focus more on quality than quantity. Ideally, what I want to be doing is rewriting my top 10 a couple of times a year, rather than the bottom 10.
But what the hell, if I have to 'mop up a few more crappy UK creds' (I hate that phrase) along the way to 300, then so be it.


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I'm probably a 2
I'd never ride a kiddie coaster,
Never drive out of the way,
Only occasionally visit theme parks if I absolutely must
I can't recognise the difference between B&Ms, Intamin, Gerstlauer, SBF Visa group...
Steeplechase is 1 cred
Grand National is 1 cred...

OK, I'm probably an 8.....
I ride kiddie creds, including I think 6 Go Gators
I count travelling coasters, went on a 3 hour round trip for one yesterday
Plan trips to specifically ride creds
Can tell the difference between B&Ms, Intamin, Gerstlaurer, SBF Visa Group etc... (OK, not SBFVG tbf)
Steeplechase is 3 creds....
Grand National is 2 creds (Max Adventures Master Thai is only 1 though)
Butterflies count
Alpines count
I have several coasters on my count RCDB doesn't consider worthy


I don't count relocations....


For me to visit a park it needs to have either a major coaster - one inversion or min 80kph or classic like JetStar / Rutschebanen - and on these also needs to be a "quality coaster" - so anything from Pinfari or Interpark will not make me go there. Some are coinflip - I do parks with only a Vekoma Boomerang or SLC if they have new Vekoma vest trains or Sunkid-Heege trains. Travelling abroad I plan my trips around parks with at least 5 coasters - and then see if smaller parks are on the way worth visiting.

I count Alpine and Powered coasters.

On kiddy coasters I do not do GoGators, WackyWorms or Small Tivoli coasters - I have some in my count but they are from way back when I was a kid. The minimum today is a Tivoli Large / Force Four or similar family coaster. It also depends on the line - I skipped Hippogriff and GoGadets in Orlando as lines were way too long for me to ride a family cred.


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I'm in Europe, I don't get to many creds, so I need to creho for my count to reach 100..
Powered coasters? I count 'em
Alpine coasters? I count 'em
Chiapas even is on my cc (it has track that it travels over.. Its a coaster)
Dueling and mirrored coasters are +2 for me.. So yea, I'm a 10/10 whore

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I too am probably around an 8.

I have visited lots of small parks for tiny kiddie creds (UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Nepal). I count powered coasters, and would probably count an alpine coaster (if I had ridden one). I count racing and duelling coasters as two creds, mobius as one. I wouldn't count a relocated coaster twice or a stand-up to floorless conversion.

On the other hand, I generally will only specifically plan a trip (abroad) for bigger parks or culture. I may then mop up some smaller creds on the way, but I don't go exclusively on cred runs.


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Steeplechase is 1 cred
Grand National is 1 cred...

This much is true - if you can't express a meaningful preference for either side, you can only count it once.
However, I did an 8 hour road trip yesterday for a Volare and a Wacky Worm, which pretty much tells you all you need to know. If it exists, I'll count it, including Go Gators on the occasion I get the chance - it's sad, but the fact is, they count for just as much as a massive B&M when it comes to credsheets. And if I hear I'm going somewhere, the first thing I'll check is how many creds I can pick up en route or whilst I'm there.
That said, I don't count 'dubious' creds, or anything I've not actually ridden, which I know a few people are guilty of. Relocations also don't count, as has been mentioned.


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I'm probably a 9. I count pretty much everything (except travelling **** because I'm lazy and cba to work out if I've ridden it before or not).

The only thing I wouldn't do is say, drive four hours into the desert for a Big Apple. I'll consider it though...

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