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What's the Best B&M Floorless Coaster

What's your favourite B&M Floorless Coaster

  • Bizzaro

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • Medusa

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • Kraken

    Votes: 6 16.2%
  • Superman: Krypton Coaster

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • Insane Speed

    Votes: 1 2.7%
  • Batman: The Dark Knight

    Votes: 1 2.7%
  • Scream

    Votes: 1 2.7%
  • Superman: La Atraccion de Acero

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • Daemonen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hydra: The Revenge

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • Dominator

    Votes: 9 24.3%
  • Hair Raiser

    Votes: 2 5.4%

  • Total voters


Giga Poster
IMO i don't get really excited about floorless coasters like i do with inverts because they tend to be less intense and all seem to have relatively similar layouts. I have ridden Kraken, Scream and Batman: The Dark Knight. Kraken i thought was great and was actually better than alot of inverts i have ridden, Scream was pretty good but a bit rough and no theming whatsoever and i found Batman good but also a bit rough and nothing that was particularly interesting about the layout. Whats your favourite floorless, vote on the poll and tell me why if you can.


Giga Poster
Ok I'll probably get slated for this, but out of the ones I've been on I'll have to say Hydra. It was imo a very good little ride! It is rough, yes. But not unbearably rough. And it has a very fun layout! A lot of different elements and positive g's mixed with negatives. I really enjoyed it :)

Second has to be Dominator. A very forceful ride! It's more of a "standard" B&M layout and lacks the mix of negatives which makes Hydra such a good ride imo. Bizzaro is a decent ride. Batman sucks thugh, and Daemon is pretty crap too..

I would love to go on Superman at Parque Warner! It looks so much fun :) Big swooping inversion, some tight helixes at the end and a couple of airtime hills to mix it all up!


The Legend
Dommy is def my fav. Bizarro and TDK are ok, nothing to write home about. Kraken was just awful. Scream had great forces but the layout wasn't special. Hydra was quite unique but rough.

I REALLY wanna get on Krypton.. as I've heard it was quite unique. Next year? :)


Staff member
Social Media Team
I've ridden four, and in order I'd put them:

Bizarro - All round the best one I think. It's intense and fun, what more could you want? :p

Batman: TDK - I liked the compact layout of this one. I thought the turnaround through the loop was cool, and I liked the zero-G roll into the low corner. Short and sweet!

Hydra - Now I don't understand why this is so hated against. It's the most unique of the floorless coasters and I didn't think it was anything like as bad as everyone makes out. It was a bit rough (only in one car, the first ride I had was typically B&M smooth, but the second rattled a bit), but I loved the Jo-Jo Roll and the Jr Immelmenn and the S-bend hills. I thought all round it was quite fun. It's not the best, by a long shot, but I don't think it's a bad as is often made out.

Kraken - I thought this was quite fun, but it's not actually that interesting or special.


Strata Poster
10/12 for me ; vote for Krypton, because of the quarry setting and good ride. Medusa maybe #2


Giga Poster
I'm with Andrus on this one.. Hydra is one of the most fun coasters I have ridden. I loved it for all the reasons he mentioned, except I didn't notice much roughness at all. I must've ridden it 15 times when I went to Dorney last month! The Jo-Jo roll is very cool, and the zero-G roll is just heaven. Great, unique ride in a compact footprint.

Dominator is a close second, though. I've had some awesome rides on that one and I do love the massive loop.

Bizarro is the only other one I've ridden, and it was nice enough, just didn't stand out in any particular way. It's a fairly generic B&M offering.

If, hypothetically, we were considering Griffon in this discussion, it would be tops for me. Love that drop!


Mega Poster
I also rank them like Andrus and madhjsp.

I found that (like Hixee said) one car on Hydra rattled whereas the other didn't. It's not intense by any means, but I love how the layout makes the most of the terrain and provides plenty of negative G's. The Jojo roll is cool just because it's unique, the highlights for me are the Zero G and the flatspin that follows it, the Cobra roll flows really well, then the little pops of airtime heading towards the back end are great too. The colour scheme and landscaping finish the ride nicely.

Dominator next, The Loop and Cobra on this were great but my favourite parts were the banked turns (particularly the one straight after the loop) and the drop out of the MCBR when your riding the back seats. I didn't think Dominator flowed quite as well as Hydra and it rattled towards the end of the ride in every train, but it was much more intense.

I rate Bizarro last, it rattled a little, but not much. I just didn't feel that it does anything to really stand out, it's just a typical 'one inversion after another' coaster. Not a bad ride by any means but not a great one either.

One of the differences IMO were the MCBR's, Hydra doesn't have one, so the ride is uninterrupted, Dominator makes the most out of it by exiting with a steep drop. On Bizarro it feels like they've had to squeeze the MCBR in there for capacity, It breaks up the ride and creates some awkward turns which don't add to the experience.

If we were counting floorless dive coasters Griffon would be my top pick because of the awesome drops and the airtime going into the brakes. Krake would be last, I rode it before the tunnel was built but I don't think it'll make a huge difference in how I rank it. It doesn't have the same impact as Oblivion on the drop, although the layout which follows does go some way in making up for that, it just doesn't blow you away.


Strata Poster
Yeah, I thought Hydra was fine too. It's not a top 10 coaster, but then no floorless coasters are really.

For some reason I found Scream! a lot better than Bizarro. Maybe the extra 10ft actually does make a difference...

Medusa is fab. The roll over <3.

Batman is probably my least favourite, but it's still decent enough. I think of it as the Nemesis Inferno of the floorlesses...

Superman annoys me because it has a few really good parts (the straight drop, the airtime hill instead of an MCBR, the location, it's size etc) but doesn't actually feel very fast or forceful...

Dominator is probably my favourite as it has the size and the forces, but in all honesty, for some reason, floorlesses don't do THAT much for me anyway. The whole concept is pretty pointless unless you're at the front, and even then you forget about it once you're half way up the lift.
I actually really liked Bizarro/Medusa this time around... It's not too intense, it has a nice selection of inversions, I love the colours and the theming (okay, I lie, I just like the goat on the station), and I think it's the one I enjoyed the most.

Dominator SHOULD be the best one, and it was my first B&M coaster so I do have a soft spot for it, but I think I enjoyed Bizarro a bit more. Dominator has great forces and an awesome layout though, so it's not behind by much.

Hydra is probably my third favourite. Even though it gets slated to no end, I thought it was really enjoyable and I rerode it quite a few times. One of the trains does rattle quite a bit, but it's still tolerable.

The Dark Knight= Boring. It was a good ride, and it's probably one of the smoothest coasters I have ever been on, but it was just boring with no interesting qualities.


CF Legend
I'd say...

Batman: The Dark Knight
Superman: La Atraccion de Acero
Hydra: The Revenge

I don't really love any of them though, Dominator is only "a decent B&M".

Hydra's DISGUSTING <///3


Strata Poster
of those i've done:

Dominator - My 2nd fave b and m
Superman: La Atraccion de Acero - big n smooth n epic
Batman: The Dark Knight - I'd have liked another go to see if I really did like it this much!


Giga Poster
LiveForTheLaunch said:
The Dark Knight= Boring. It was a good ride, and it's probably one of the smoothest coasters I have ever been on, but it was just boring with no interesting qualities.
Haha, we even rode it in the same row at the live and I thought it rattled quite a bit (for being a B&M)! :p But agreed, it's a boring layout that really doesn't do anything interesting.


Staff member
Social Media Team
1. Superman: La Atraccion de Acero - I really, really liked this. I think it's partly down to the fact that I had no clue what a "major" coaster it was until I was actually on it.

2. Dominator - Great ride

3. Insane Speed - This was my first floorless. It would probably fall in my ranking if I were to ride it again now, but I really enjoyed it at the time.

4. Scream - Rode it at night, so didn't see the parking lot

5. Bizarro - I know it's the same as Scream, but for some reason I just didn't enjoy it as much.

6. Batman: TDK - Barely remember riding it if I'm honest.

7. Daemonen - Dull really. I tried to appreciate it for the small footprint, "haven't they done well to get this in here" element, but nah. It's rubbish really.

8. Hydra - S**te.


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
1. Dominator - it has a solid layout and really lays on the g-forces good and thick. In its previous lodgings at Geauga Lake, it had a fantastic situation right on the lake, and really was a great looking coaster.

2. Scream - I like this coaster! Parking lots aside, its a great layout with plenty of inversions and great pacing. There is a reason this layout has been copied across Six Flags.

3. Hydra the Revenge - I still get to tout the title of being the first CFer to ride this coaster! As prestigious as it is. Obviously there is a certain flaw from the start, as the ride is 105 ft. tall, but tries to pack in 7 inversions. Naturally these inversions are not going to be as powerful as larger, faster inversions, but it still doesn't detract from the fact that this ride has a hell of a layout. If you ride in the back, you definitely get to feel some forces, and you come off with a smile on your face that you didn't ride the Wild Mouse at Dorney Park instead.


CF Legend
I quite like the floorless gimmick, but find that these rides can sometimes end up to be a bit of a snorefest. Of the ones I've been on, here is a break down:

Hydra the Revenge - I really adored this coaster, a real lot of fun and had that all important rerideability, that for me is a massive deal. It was intense, but not headcrushingly so with a fun and unique kind of layout. Love <3

Dominator - I think if the weather hadn't been quite so vile I would have reridden more times as I did really enjoy, and oh my god the vertical loop is so HUGE. Fun, fun ride.

Kraken - I have a lot of love for Kraken, the layour reminds me a lot of a B&M Hyper thinking about it, and I love the floaty, chilled out way that you take the course of the ride. Again, mighty but not too intense, just the right concoction to be thrilling, rerideable and not sick making.

Bizarro - This makes me feel majorly sick, I didn't ride with the group this year as I find it a bit too much. Like the Batman clones, this ride just does not let up and is just a tangle of inversions and turns, which is not something I look for or enjoy in a coaster.

Scream! - I just found this boring. A similar mess of inversions layout to Bizarro but instead of being too intense I just found it boring. And the placement and setting of the ride is horrendous, so much so that I would say it actually detracts from the overall ride experience.

Batman: The Dark Knight - such a forgettable ride, I think our entire train was silent as it took the track, we all got off and were like well that was nice and carried on. Completely meh.

Daemonen - Ah, my most hated of all coasters. Why does it exist? Biggest waste of space in the history of the world, and it doesn't even take up that much! Seriously boring and lame.


Strata Poster
Only been on Kraken so I will say............. Kraken is my favourite! I love Kraken it is my number 2 at the moment.


Strata Poster
Daemonen is the biggest B&M failure I have thus far encountered.
Here endeth my knowledge.


CF Legend
Uh, Hydra is ok. I like it in all honesty. It's a nice little bizarre ride. Also has awesome merch :3

The Dark Knight is ok as well, true it's dull but meh, It has a nice colour scheme

Dominator was good, probably the best ride in that **** **** park of ****.

Might as well say Bizarro is my favorite, it's Dom but with more force.

Martyn B

CF Legend
Having only been on one, I can hardly say which one is best, but I will say is, the one I have ridden was pretty neat; Superman Atraccion de Acero.

Brilliant first drop (towards the back); big, fast inversions; brilliant airtime hill; then two forceful corkscrews, very tight/forceful turns and another fab little airtime hill. Cant really ask for much more than that. I look forward to trying my second Floorless come Septembe (Kraken).

One more thing, is the Floorless train really enough to be considered a different ride type? I dont love Superman because its a Floorless coaster, and I have no doubt that I'd feel the same about if it had a standar sit-down train (afterall, a standard B&M sit-down is probably just like a Floorless to most younger riders).