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Whatever happened to CoasterDynamix??? (Alternatives?)


Roller Poster
So back in my days as a young un who loved coasters, I learned about CoasterDynamix, a coaster building system. It looked so much more realistic than the KNEX stuff I grew up with, and always wanted something like that.

Flash forward to now, apparently CD is still kicking. They have SEVERAL HUNDRED dollar kits (a lot are sold out), some non functioning miniatures for 20 bucks, and building block kits from 75 to 150 bones.

So does anyone actually OWN one of these things? Do you know of any other coaster building kits aside from LEGO and KNEX that are worth a look? (By LEGO and KNEX I mean brand name. Those tend to be expensive, and who knows what the companies overseas are coming up with.) Any suggestions are welcome. Blocks, wires, plastic, metal, anything. Lay it on me.