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What theme park did Tussauds build in Asia in the late 1990s?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I just stumbled across the RCCGB's Airtime magazine archive, containing all of the issues of the magazine published between 1996 and 2014. A particularly interesting piece of news I noticed was in issue 4, published in March/April 1997, and it was about a theme park that the Tussauds Group was allegedly building in Asia. Here's what the magazine had to say about it:
RCCGB's Airtime Magazine said:
The Tussauds Group is to build what it claims to be the largest theme park in South East Asia. The £175million park will be near Bangkok in Thailand and is due to open in 1999.
But my question to you is; do any of you know which theme park this is? The only theme park operating in that area I can think of is Siam Park City, but I'm unsure when that opened and nowhere on the internet mentions Tussauds ever having any involvement with it. Maybe it was a park that was cancelled, or has now shut down? I really don't know, but do any of you know? Any answers or potential guesses would be appreciated!

P.S. Here's a link to the RCCGB's Airtime magazine archives, if you fancy a read yourself: https://rccgb.co.uk/airtime-magazine.html
And here is the particular issue I'm referring to: https://rccgb.co.uk/uploads/7/4/5/6/74563211/rccgb_airtime_004.pdf


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Considering the park was to be built during the Asian financial crisis in the late 90s, I think it's safe to say it got cancelled. As for which park that might have been, I don't think anybody has much of a clue. One notable theme park project that was getting built in Thailand at that time was Future World, but I never heard of Tussauds having any involvement in that.

Perhaps you can try contacting these guys on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/SuansanookTH/
I'm sure they'll know more about this project than any of us (apart from @roomraider) do.


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Yeah unless the guys at the previously mentioned FB group know anything then it's probably lost in the midst of time. Dream World and Magic Land both operated in the city at that time.

Magic Land closed in 2000 I think when it's lease ran out and Dream World is still going. Though as far as I know tussauds had nothing to do with either.

Future world as mentioned was under construction at the time but the financial crisis killed it (and its unique schwarzkopf) and again never heard tussauds had anything to do with that either.

I'm assuming it was some planned unknown park that got Scuppered by the financial crisis too but that's just a guess.

Matt N

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Ah right. Thanks guys!

Come to think of it, I can't find any info on quite a few of the news pieces from the early Airtime issues. SFMM was allegedly getting Millennia, the world's tallest, fastest and longest coaster for 2000, for example, but they built Goliath instead, and I can find absolutely nothing about this mystery ride online!