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What ride is this? (Silly MSN News)


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It was probably a question of, "somebody find a stock picture of a rollercoaster for this article, kthx."


I saw it, didnt consider myself sad enough to moan about it like some sad coaster know-it-all. :)
Uncle Arly said:
. But...the GP are probably more used to seeing SLCs.
Why would you say that? I would presume most peple of the GP would reconise B&M Inverters more due to the fact they are at the bigger parks although there is infusion..........


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I always get annoyed by things like that, when they simply can't get a picture of a ride of which the park being advertised actually has. Maybe, that is the only roller coaster picture that the company advertising the offer has and cannot use photos from other people, for the obvious reason, copyright etc... And to be honest I don't think it really matters if you are looking at it through the general public eyes not an enthusiast's, as the general public are not going to really fully remember (if visited before) or know what the roller coasters look like, in this case at Alton Towers. The general public just associates roller coaster with Alton Towers and there for fits the bill for the advertisement company.