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What percentage of your coaster rankings constitutes a 10/10 rating for you?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I know this might seem like a bit of a strange thread, but I thought it might be interesting to talk about. What I'm basically asking here is; if you rated all of the coasters you've ridden out of 10 on an overall spectrum, what percentage of your rankings would be rated a 10/10?

Now, I've already rated all of the coasters I've ridden out of 10 thanks to Captain Coaster and my spreadsheet, so here's the boundary for each score out of 10 within my rankings at present, out of the 64 coasters I've ridden at present:
  • 10/10 (5 stars) - #1-#6
  • 9/10 (4.5 stars) - #7-#14
  • 8/10 (4 stars) - #15-#21
  • 7/10 (3.5 stars) - #22-#25
  • 6/10 (3 stars) - #26-#36
  • 5/10 (2.5 stars) - #37-#40
  • 4/10 (2 stars) - #41-#50
  • 3/10 (1.5 stars) - #51-#57
  • 2/10 (1 star) - #58-#61
  • 1/10 (0.5 stars) - #62-#64
I know it might potentially vary in the future, but as a general rule of thumb, my 10/10 tier tends to be roughly the top 10% of my count. It is also worth me noting that these scores are entirely relative; I enjoy the vast majority of coasters I've ridden to some extent! It's only the properly low scores that I didn't really enjoy that much (I'd say about the 3/10 tier downwards, perhaps?).

But how much of your count would you guys give a 10/10?
Here's mine, could only do top 25 because that's as far back as I've ranked my list.

*10/10 #1-10
*9/10 #11-18
*8/10 #19 - 25

As for low ranking coasters (1/10) I can only think of two I've been on.

But cool idea, if I have time I might come back and edit this.

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Good question!
I’m pretty tough with my rankings but my 1-7 get 10/10’s (PIBF, Helix, Dinoconda, BDash, OCT Thrust, Maverick, Skyrush)
9.5/10: 8-9
9/10: 10-18
8.5/10: 19-22
8/10: 23-31
(Out of 127 credits, so roughly 5% get a perfect 10/10)


There are only 6 coasters I have ridden so far (my top 6) that warrant a 10/10 rating from me. They are in this exact order; Fury 325, Mindbender (Canada), Skyrush, Maverick, Intimidator 305 and The Voyage.

Coaster Hipster

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Out of 234 coasters, I would only give perfect scores to 4: Lech, EGF, Twisted Colossus and Steel Vengeance.

Put in in percentage numbers, that amounts to 0.017%. I feel very nit-picky now haha.

@Matt N Another great topic idea!


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Can I just be slightly controversial and say 0? 10/10 for me would mean a coaster is perfect and I don't think there's any coaster that I would say has nothing wrong with it e.g. shambhala is my number 1 coaster but the queue is dreadful and theming is rather poor while wicker man my number 2 probably is a better overall package but is still too short.

Matt N

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If we're being exact, my present 10/10 tier takes up 9.375% (6/64) of my count, which it would seem is actually quite a lot compared to some!


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So I sort of keep two different ratings...

If we're basing the ratings off of how good I think the coaster is, I'd only have two 10/10's: Skyrush and Nemesis (so 1.09%). Lightning Rod, Beast, and Millennium Force I may prefer to Nemesis but those three have a couple of minor drawbacks (Lightning Rod's pothole, Beast's pacing and day rides, Millennium's ending) that keep them each from being a 10. Skyrush and Nemesis are probably the two best coasters I've done and I honestly don't have any nitpicks with those two, so that combined with the incredible things they do warrant the 10s.

But if we're basing the ratings off of how I like them, probably 1-9 are 10/10's (4.92%), 10-16 are 9.5/10's, 17-30 are 9/10's.

Edward M

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So I sort of keep two different ratings...
I have something similar too, because the top 10 in my bio is my favorites, for whatever reason. If I were ranking the best coasters I've ridden, the list would be completely different. For best, I'd say the only 10/10 is SV (0.37%). For me, the bar has been raised a level for what is 10/10. For those almost a 10, Skyrush, LRod, Outlaw, and Fury.

So, rounding, 1-5 are 10/10 (1.87%), 6-12 are 9.5/10 (2.62%), and 13-24 are 9/10 (4.49%).


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^Edward makes a good point: if a score of 10/10 represents the very best a coaster can be, then surely the only coaster in your rankings with that score should be your overall number 1, right? If your number 2 coaster, for whatever reason, is not quite as good as your number 1 coaster then, almost by definition, it can't also be a 10/10 coaster. It could be a 9.9999 if you like, but not a 10.
So yeah, there's literally only one 10/10 coaster out there, and that's SteVe.


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I'm really picky when it comes to giving coasters 10/10. I tend to go by a percentage system of take a coaster's placement subtract from your total count and divide that number by your count and that value is the ranking. Ex: my #10 would get a 862 out of 872 or 9.885/10. However, I realized that giving 90 coasters a 9/10 is flawed. Now it's more of I feel this is a X/10 coaster.
1-3 10/10
4-9 9.8/10
10-15 9.7/10
16-23 9.6/10
24-37 9.5/10 Huge drop off between 37 and 38
38-50 something 9/10
50-about 100 8/10
100+-200 7/10
Below that don't care
Bottom few all 0/10