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What is your favorite Arrow Custom looper, operating or defunct?


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I've had bad experiences on many of these but Loch Ness Monster at BGW is a fairly smooth and pleasant arrow looper. What was your favorite one.


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My favorites are Tennessee Tornado and Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is smoother and the loops and big helix are fun but Tornado edges it as it packs more of a punch. It has a much better first drop (it's essentially all underground!), some crazy and weird inversions, and paces pretty well.

Rest of them are a bit **** aren't they?


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I'm with Peet, I really enjoyed Viper. It was running smooth and fast when I rode it.
And I know I mention this every time Viper comes up in conversation, but that iconic scene in True Romance seals the deal for me:


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Another vote for Viper. For now.

Loved Rolling X-Train but for reasons that don't count.
Didn't like Dragon @ Ocean Park.
Didn't like Hot Wheels thing @ Australian Drayton

Surprised I could scrape together 4 really. Only had the first 2 in my head. Good ol' RCDB.

Y. Kim

Favorite:Fantasia Special. It coarses through the lake.

Worst:Rolling X "Headbanger" Train
An old Vekoma-Arrow headbanger.


I'm going to rank the ones I've been on

1. Loch Ness Monster
2. Vortex (KI)
3. Corkscrew (CP)
4. Anaconda
5. Carolina Cyclone

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A riveting list I assure you. Honestly, I thought I'd ridden more.
  1. Tennessee Tornado - Good, so by far the best of these
  2. Vortex - Kinda like it actually
  3. Viper - Might've gotten a bad day, but this really hurt
  4. Corkscrew, CP - Gross


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Behold: The custom loopers:

1. Viper - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Overall, I was simply blown away with how smooth this thing was. The massive structure is also quite imposing.
2. Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg - I'm only now realizing I ranked this ahead of Tennessee Tornado. Maybe I was just hit by waves of nostalgia riding this guy, but absolutely loved the ride and found the experience to be relatively smooth all things considered. Layout is expertly placed in the river valley of the park.
3. Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood - My first Schilke, and it shows. Glass smooth, and a true redeemer for Arrow multi-loopers... if only it was built five years before. :p
4. Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome - I'll be interested to ride this again this year to see if it's still as smooth as I remembered it. Impressive they squeezed the whole layout into the Adventuredome.
5. Diamond Back - Frontier City - OKC Irn Bru Revolution.
6. Vortex - Kings Island - bah
7. Corkscrew - Michigan’s Adventure - sure
8. Carolina Cyclone - Carowinds - k
9. Corkscrew - Cedar Point - 6 days away from being more famous.
10. Double Loop - Geauga Lake - sometimes history is ok to delete.


1. Tennessee Tornado. I'm not as big of a fan as most are of this ride, but it's got some merit to it. This is by far the smoothest Arrow looper I've ridden (doing Loch Ness Monster on the 23rd), miles ahead of all the others in terms of that. It's got some punch to it as well.
2. Carolina Cyclone. This one is the shortest I've ridden, so in my opinion that leaves less time for headbanging; just as you get thrown around in the corkscrew & helix, the ride is already over.
3. Vortex at Kings Island. A larger and longer version of Carolina Cyclone in terms of ride experience, with more headbanging.


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1. Viper - SFMM
2. Vortex - KI
3. Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood
4. Canyon Blaster - Adventuredome
5. Loch Ness Monster - BGW
6. Anaconda - KD
7. Corkscrew - CP
8. Carolina Cyclone - Carowinds
9. Canobie Corkscrew - Canobie


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  1. Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood: Wonderful ride. It's smooth, intense, and has some lovely landscaping around it. Bit of a shame it's so short, but it's good for what it is.
  2. Demon - Six Flags Great America: Solid classic looper. It's got some cool rockwork, some fun tunnels, and it still holds up. The drop is insane in the back, and who could forget that fabulous 80s soundtrack it has?
  3. Corkscrew - Cedar Point: The corkscrews look cool over the path. That's about it, really. The Blue Pizza Hut station is pretty cool, I guess.


Tennessee Tornado - I always heard rumors that the track had to be shortened due to the ride going overbudget. Still the smoothest Arrow out there. I rode it once with a group and someone yelled, "THIS LOOP IS SO WEIRD" if you ever rode it you know why.


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Viper was downright awesome, in my opinion. A highlight of my SFMM trips, it was. It's a must-ride to me. I love the enormity of it, and even if modern loopers ride a whole lot better and have superior trackwork, they fail to come off as imposing as the classic Arrow megaloopers. The Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure was a close second for similar reasons.

I can take or leave Vortex, unfortunately. That one's a bit too brutal. Oddly enough, though, it's such an iconic part of that skyline that I think it should stay, haha. Just give it the new Vekoma trains and everyone wins. ;)


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I weirdly look forward to riding these most of the time. I guess even though most of their coasters aren’t very good, I do have a certain amount of respect for Arrow.

1. Tennessee Tornado - By FAR.
2. Loch Ness Monster
3. Viper (Darien Lake)
4. Carolina Cyclone
5. Corkscrew (CP)
6. Viper (SFMM)
7. Demon (CGA)
8. Demon (SFGAm)
9. Dragon Fyre
10. Anaconda
11. Vortex

9-11 are definitely “never again” for me.