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What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?


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There is no theme to mine at all...

Americas: Twisted Colossus (Knocking this out this weekend so after Cali’s coasters it’s probably Medusa Steel Coaster)
Europe: Zadra/Helix (can’t pick between them)
Asia: Hakugei
Australia: DC Rivals


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Americas: Time Traveler. Rides like LROD exist, but TT just looks so flipping fun.
Europe: Definitely Lech.
Asia: Probably Hakugei, but also probably also Eejinaika.
Africa: Tower of Terror or Anaconda.


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Europe: Not done any of the European RMCs yet, so they are numbers 1, 2 and 3. I'd probably put Wildfire at #1.
North America: SteVe - with the reviews this thing is getting you would be crazy not to have it at #1 if you haven't done it.
South America: I've done Hopi Hari so that doesn't leave much, I guess this crazy thing: https://rcdb.com/2673.htm
Asia: Difficult; there are Python in Bamboo Forest, Do Dodonpa and Hakugei but I think I'd prefer to get one of the 4D coasters, let's say Dinoconda.
Africa: Tower of Terror - crazy looking think, I love the fact that they re-used a real tower from a gold mine; up-cycling at its best!
Oceania: I think the correct answer is DC Rivals but I feel I'd rather ride that wooden wild mouse in Sydney Harbour.

South America: No idea. Had to go to RCDB. Montezum looks awesome but RCCA....helllll nah. I did find one POV actually and sure enough, looked rougher than taking a spin in a dryer filled with bricks. I guess I'll say Krater
That is accurate, except the dryer is also falling down some stairs


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Europe: Same as the guy above me, I'm yet to do an RMC, so the three European ones are certainly well up there (especially Zadra), but Helix has also been near the top of my bucket list for far too long now

North America: Steel Vengeance, partly because it looks like an awesome ride and partly because it's in Cedar Point, which is pretty much the ultimate bucket list park for me

Asia: Tough one, but I do want to experience that Do-Dodonpa launch at some point in my life, so I'm gonna go with that here

Oceania: DC Rivals, I visited the park only about a month before the ride opened to public (I believe it was just topped of a day or two before my visit), so definitely that. Jet Rescue is also an interesting ride that spited me, but nowhere close DC Rivals

Africa: Tower of Terror

South America: Not many interesting rides down there, huh? I think I always liked the look of Montana Rusa at Parque del Cafe, so I'm gonna go with that, even though I have no real desire to travel to Colombia in the near future


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Excluding known upcoming parks

Europe - Not done Zarda, Helix, Taron, Lech or Wildfire so its all of those. Helix or Taron if I had to whittle it down but whittle me no further.

Africa - Tower of Terror, the only gem I know of in that massive continent and its a doozy.

Asia: If I am going to ever complete the B&M collection then its Lightning, a SBNO Batman clone in Kuwait. Hopefully it will get relocated it so I can have a sensible pick like T Express or Gravity Max.

North America: Lightning Rod was of course closed on my visit, so yes
Mother ****ing Lightning Rod.

South America: Katapul as I missed it when in the UK as Thunderlooper (those darn cows and sight lines) and I haven't done a weight drop shuttle.

Australia: DC Rivals HyperCoaster is the obvious choice, but I really want that wooden mouse too and there is more of a concern that wont be around if I ever get down under.


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Europe: Zadra, Hyperion or Taiga, done most of the other big rides in Europe except the ones in Finland, Poland and Denmark.

North America: Definitely Lightning Rod. It’s my #1 Bucket List RMC and I would really like to visit Dollywood. Probably followed by the RMC raptors.

South America: Without counting Mexico maybe the Euro-Fighter or a Shuttle Loop.

Africa: Either Anaconda or Tower of Terror

Australia: Definitely DC Rivals, the Ride looks incredible

Asia: Probably Eejanaika, haven’t done a 4D yet and it is my #1 Bucket List Coaster in general.
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