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What is the UK's most Iconic piece of themeing / themed area?

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
This links to question I often think about, in what area do you feel the most immersed?

There are alot of areas which I love, Amity @ Thorpe. Forbidden Valley @ Alton but weirdly this little spot here always satisfies me the most;



I think its the interaction with Vampire, the themed buildings, the courtyard style atmosphere, the changes in terrain and elevation and the compactness really make it one of the best spots in the UK.


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...and the rest of that part of Forbidden Valley in general. Honorable mention to Katanga Canyon.

Matt N

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Controversially, I’m actually a big fan of Swarm Island at Thorpe Park. I love all of the wreckage strewn around, all the little things like the fake news video in the queue line and the jagged boarded up signs, as well as things like the vehicles and the telephone box; I think it does a really good job of immersing you into the ride’s story, personally, even if The Swarm is the only ride in the area!

I do also very much like Katanga Canyon in terms of a nicely themed “spot” in a UK theme park, and as much as the main pull in the area (Wicker Man) is kind of set off from it and doesn’t really fit with the theme, I do think that the central area of Mutiny Bay is really nice, too. I do love the Territory of the Beornen, though; I love the whole aesthetic they went for with Wicker Man and the surrounding area!


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Was slightly obsessed with Amity Cove when Thorpe was at it's peak. Mainly because of WWTP Radio.

Then they slapped those genital stinging shower gel logos all over it and it lost a bit of charm.

Transylvania is a great shout, especially with the original Bat trains swooping over the area.


Mountain monkey
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If you consider the London Eye and adjacent aquarium an amusement attraction, then I'm pretty sure it takes all the cake in terms of iconic-ness.

Apart from that, though, it's hard to tell.


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Likely a bit of a bias since I grew up with Thorpe, but when I think of what the UK's best themed area, this...




...is the only thing which really comes to mind.

The crashing waves. The splash zone. WWTP radio. Everything. It just works.

Okay, it's been watered down over the years (the fact that there could conceivably be members on here who weren't even alive when the fire effect was last in use, for example, is a sombre thought to say the least). But I'd still say it's the most iconic.

Vampire's second drop and that walkway comes a not-too-distant second.
After that, things are harder. Nemesis and Smiler are self contained rides that, whilst iconic in their own ways, don't really give off an iconic feel in terms of theming or area imo. Something like the Vampire organist could be talked about, but in years gone by it lost its flair. The Wicker Man statue and Swarm's island could be spoken of in high regard as the year's go by, but I don't think either of them have had the instant reaction that they would be considered iconic.


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I would agree with Amity Cove. WWTP radio has always been one of the most memorable things from visits to Thorpe Park.

And somehow Tidal Wave still feels like the park's centrepiece attraction to me, despite all the large coasters built since.


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I have a few:

Transylvania at Chessington
Reasons as mentioned by Chris above and more! Spooky, immersive, TWO excellent attractions plus nostalgia points for me. Could hang out there all day.

Wicker Man at Alton Towers
Whilst the coaster isn't my favourite, I do adore the centrepiece, especially at night, all aflame. The visuals plus the soundtrack, plus the roar of the coaster itself plus the smells. It's great.

Amity Cove at Thorpe Park
For me it's the soundtrack that makes it, with Big Bob painting the backstory of the land and bringing it to life. I know it's not theming, but Tidal Wave's splash is iconic *to this area for me, as well as the Amity Hotel shark, Tidal Wave sign (my fav, underrated) and the old KFC interior (RIP)

*edit: omg @JoshC. I was typing this and got distracted then by the time I came back to post you'd shared exactly the same sentiment, how random!

Forbidden Valley at Alton Towers
Particularly the Nemesis pit. This thing gets hyped to the moon and back and I still think it's underrated. Yes it was better when it was surrounded by rivers of blood, but it's still fantastic without that and a feast for the eyes thematically. Every inch of that land tells a story.