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What is the Smoothest ride from each manufacturer?


While a lot of manufacturers make very smooth rides (and very rough), there's always that one that sticks out in terms of smoothness (or roughness).
So, that brings us to the question: What is the Smoothest ride from each manufacturer? Even if their smoothest ride is very rough, it can still apply to this question!

B&M: Raptor, Cedar Point. While there may be a good amount of headbanging, the track is still very smooth. Gatekeeper, Diamondback, Banshee, and Rougarou have a noticeable rattle.
Arrow: Gemini, Cedar Point. Non-wheel seats are butter smooth!
Vekoma: Firehawk, Kings Island. Smooth, considering the track design.
Intamin: Maverick, CP. I found MF to have a noticeable rattle.
Premier: Tempesto, BGW: Smoother than the ones at KI, that's for sure.
Wooden coasters in general: Since I haven't ridden more than one from any wooden manufacturer, I'd have to go with Mystic Timbers, Kings Island. Holy crap it's so smooth!


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Vekoma: Kvasten
Intamin: Taron
B&M: Shambhala
Mack: Blue Fire
GCI: Joris en de Draak
Schwarzkopf: Lisebergbanan
Gerstlauer: Junker


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there's always that one that sticks out in terms of smoothness
I'm not convinced, looking at the spreadsheet.
Nothing stands out for a lot of manufacturers, but here's a few:

B&M: Baron or the SFC
Gerstlauer: Lynet and pretty much all their family coasters.
Intamin: Thirteen
Mack: Blue Fire or the Youngstars
S&S: Crazy Bird
Vekoma: Seven Dwarves, Grizzly, Orkanen and clones, Millennium
Zierer: Force One and Polar Xplorer
Woodies in general: Some dumb comment like RMC woodies are smoother cos they feel less wooden in general. Intamins (except Colossos, which was awful) tend to feel smoother (not sure that's the right word) than your GCIs and Gravitys (also not sure that's a good thing).

I imagine it's all quite variable:
Vekoma: Kvasten
Kvasten noticeably rode like crap against Paulton's new one.


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Millennium Coaster from Vekoma and Oz Iris from B&M are the first two to come into my head.

As much as I like Lynet, I wouldn't call it smooth - remember it having an evil couple of brake runs!


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Agreed with Lynet, it wasn't all that smooth for me sadly. The inversions were a little headbangy and the MCBR airtime crushed my balls a bit. Not rough, but deffo not super smooth either.

Kvasten has always been very smooth to me though. Dunno how the Paultons one rides, but I can't think of a smoother Vekoma than Kvasten.


Nitro for B&M.
Vekoma: X-Flight (SFWoA)
Intamin: Bizarro (SFNE)
Arrow: X2
Wooden --
Intamin: El Toro
GCI: Apocalypse
Other: Yankee Cannonball