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What instruments do you play?


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I'm currently learning Guitar, I want to learn Piano, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet, Vibraphones, Congas, pretty much everything

Nicky Borrill

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I spent most of my childhood in and around marching bands, a source of great shame for me at the time ? but now a reason to be grateful, as I can (or could, but surely it’s like riding a bike) play drums, (pipe / side and kit) almost any brass instrument and some saxophone. My strongest being side drum and trumpet.


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Ooooohhhhhhh boy, this is the band kid thread I´ve been waiting for. I play French horn, Mellophone, basically just a marching french horn, trumpet, trombone, marching baritone, guitar, piano, clarinet, saxophone, and snare drum. I´m such a band kid lol


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What instruments do you play? With such a wide range of instruments, I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting answers.

For me, I can play Piano and Guitar. However, I mainly play the guitar. I try to stick my ancient acoustic guitar (from the 50s) because it's sound is so authentic and powerful, perfect for Dylan songs. However it is fun to get back on the electric for some Stones and Bowie songs.
I love to play acoustic guitar


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I can play piano, guitar, drums as well as trying Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's.) I've also learned the trumpet and tried a little of Trumbone and Clarinet.

As a kid I was very good at the recorder, don't play it anymore.
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