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What do you think is more exciting? (speed OR height)

What do you think is more exciting?

  • sheer of height/scary views from the top of the ride

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • speeding 3 feet above the ground 100 miles per hour

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • Both, I can't make a choice.

    Votes: 3 20.0%

  • Total voters
I like both, speed and height but if I couldn't make a choice I wouldn't make the poll.

Sheer of height (Silver Star) is exciting but if not airtime I wouldn't like this coaster that much. If you are afraid of height, open spaces and still enjoy challenging your fears you'll probably always like tall rides. Personally I find this fear factor wears with time.

Speed is more fun (Nemesis). The ride is not that fast. SS is actually faster but I can hardly feel it on SS. If not the wind I wouldn't feel it at all. Nemesis gives me the sensation of speeding. I find it is because of near misses and high theming. Riding coasters at night is more exciting due to this factor.

I go for speed.


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The thing is, the excitment of height is that you are aware that soon you will be speeding back down to earth. No high ride would be fun if it very, very slowly came back down to earth never exceeding 5mph. So if it is just speed without height or height wihtout speed I'd pick speed without height everytime. I mean I'd much rather Top Thrill Dragster to a 400ft observational tower :lol:


As UC said, it really does depend on usage.

Generally, I prefer height on Steel coasters, and speed on woodies, but it varies greatly.


speed of course! The sheer thrill of being at 100mph with all the wing in your face and all in 3-4 seconds!


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I'd probably say height myself. Tall things get me more nervous, and the more nervous I am, the more adrenaline, and the more thrilling the ride ends up being.

Speed's great yeah, but its just another part of a coaster to me, whereas height is something quite pivotal to me.



Looking at a ride launching or going at it's full speed right by your is the single most intimidating thing but on the ride, the height can get you really excited.

Well, height is actually more exciting on the ride, so height.


Most coasters that are tall are going to be fast. The taller the faster - unless you trim them to death, Screaming Squirrels for example. Or if you take "height" literally, and use UC's example of High Roller, then you aren't going to have height = speed.

And then if you're looking at high speeds a coaster is generally going to be tall, except for the minority of launched coasters.

Therefore, it would make sense to say height is more exciting, because to be honest you get a two in one most of the time. I write this post considering that I don't particularly find anything under 50-55mph unusually fast.


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Speed is the name of the game for me. I mean, height is nice and all, but not as noticeable as speed is. I mean, I'm not afraid of heights, but speed always can get me nervous and excited.


Whilst I find height more intimidating as it's easier to gauge - the experience of a ride cannot be judged purely in terms of speed and height: Most would say Nemesis is a far more intense and exciting ride at just 43 feet above ground than the Pepsi Max: Big One, the tallest ride in Britain.
I think we haven't seen a real speed-coaster (not B&M hyper) yet. Actually terrain inverts (Black Mamba, Nemesis), both coasters are designed to aim at speed rather than sheer of height. Sit-down coasters are either small and slow or large and fast.


Deffo height. I love speed, it is my second wife. But height is the adrenalin pumper for me. The thought of the PMBO tomorow is so exciting, and HC in the summer is even better.


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I think speed edges it for me, I love terrain coasters and they really exaggerate the feeling of speed, which is probably why I love Lisebergbanan so much.


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Speed, but with speed usually comes height. The both combined are excellent, but I would have to say I would prefer a piece of straight track going 120 MPH than a lift hill that goes 420 feet and comes down slowly. Speed gives you a rush, height doesn't really give you the same experience or feelings.


As alot of people know I look for both in coasters I ride. I couldnt care less about inversions or intensity! Its height and speed that do it for me. Give me anything that is higher than the average UK coaster and Il be hyper as sin, if its fast (not launched however) Il also get hyper.

So yeah I voted both because neither comes ahead of the other for me....


I take speed because speed usually means hight besides who doseint like to go fast?


I think speed just edges ahead for me. I love a ride like the ultimate - so close to the ground going so fast, a great sensation and a whole lot of fun!

Goliath (Walibi) is a great example of this, it has some great ground hugging, high paced sections - fantastic stuff!