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What a Bunch of Bankers


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Just found this site all about the credit crunch that was quite funny and thought I'd share.
They've recorded their own song that's actually pretty good and they're trying to get everyone to help get it to number one to embarrass the bankers every time it's played.

And it's done by the voice-over guy from all the TV shows. :p



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While ignoring the fact that the mess is at least partly caused by greedy members of the public borrowing more than they could afford


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The BBC are apparently refusing to play the song, so there is a group on Facebook trying to get the song into the top 20 so they have to play it on the chart show.



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Politics and music :cry: , that is awful and I can see why the BBC don't want to play it. Nothing to do with the fact that all the big BBC bosses are probably mates with all those so called bankers.


Bankers = euphenism for ****ers..which they all are...****ing tosspots the whole lot of them....fuxking robbing bastards