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What’s your favorite part about being at the park


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It does seem as though the rides are the main attraction, though I personally feel the travel there to the park, the atmosphere being the music played the games played & the people talking & running around add the most to it


Besides the obvious of roller coasters and flat rides, I like to take time to enjoy trains, antique cars, and walking around the amusement park. I always try to observe a park's charm and feel every time I visit one, and for the most part each amusement park I've visited has its own unique touches applied.
Pure escapism. I love coasters but I really enjoy how whenever you step into a park, the whole world outside that park couldn’t feel further away. It’s like another dimension to me, I don’t even think about anything other than the there and then. Great for relieving stresses of work or life in general.

Everybody should visit a theme park once a week!!!