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Majaland is a new Plopsa park coming to Poland situated in between Poznan and Berlin (it should be the closest theme park to Berlin).


Majaland will be the first development for the 205ha tourist leisure area Holiday Park Kownaty.


*The park will be 10ha
*Open all year round
*Contains Studio 100 characters Maya the Bee, Vicky the Viking and Heidi.
*In the opening year expected 300,000 visitors
*Contains both an indoor and an outdoor area
*Opening December 2017

Concept art + info copy & pasted form Plopsafans:
Heidi zone
Upon entering the indoor area you find yourself in an authentic Swiss village that obviously Heidi has as its central figure. All the houses are covered with a layer of snow. The most striking attraction in this area is a carousel.

Wickie zone
The right side of the indoor section where you can find the indoor parks in Hasselt and Coevorden Pirates Zone, the area of ​​Vicky the Viking. Against the walls are rocks, similar to those in Wickieland in Plopsaland De Panne. Naturally, the Vicky Coaster place here.
The Turbulent Sea will not pirate boat, but a Viking ship. Lighthouse will be shaped like a Viking totem as you will also find the entrance to the Great Wave at Plopsaland De Panne.

Maya zone
All other areas of Mayaland Kownaty (inside: the back and left, and the entire outside area) get a Mayan theme. Some attractions you will find there are: a variant of Ducklings, a copy of The Flying Bikes with butterflies instead of cycling as in German Holiday Park and a slide. The main restaurant will also be located in this section. To the right of the restaurant, where there is Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in the Hall of Plop, is a shop.

Outdoor area
In the outdoor area is all about Maya the Bee. The attractions you will find there are a mix of attractions from Plopsa Indoor Coevorden and Maja Country at Holiday Park. Dancing Fountains and the Klimberg get a place other than in Coevorden. The Mayan Playground and the traffic park will be built on the same spot in the park.
There are copied two Holiday Park attractions: Majas Blütensplash (flowers mill) and Flip, the Grashüpfer .

It's a bit small, but yay for Poland! It is great to see the progress Plopsa has made over the last decade.


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This is going to be really popular. Interesting they changed the name to just Mayaland.

Still can't get over how quickly the Polish park market is expanding.

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No credz? That can f**k off then. I still find it slightly ridiculous that Berlin doesn't have a decent park in the general vicinity.


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From the grand total of eight minutes we spent at Plopsa Indoor Coevorden this looks pretty much the same.

Yay cred.


Small park for such a prosperous area - but maybe it will expand...

Berlin's history of theme parks of course is sad:

- Luna Park, formerly Europe's biggest park closed in 1935 in part as it was needed by the Nazi party government for their 1936 Olympic games - a main parade street was built here. There is some on-ride footage in 1927 Berlin documentary here about in the middle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY5GdeqOkfc
- Some showmen found a new area at Volkspark Schönholzer Heide - which was used after WWII as a war cemetery and therefore deemed inappropriate for a theme park
- The only GDR theme park Spreepark was taken over by showmen Witte after Unification and he went bankrupt shortly after, fleeing he went bankrupt again in Chile. Remains of the park still on site - now finally there are plans to bulldoze the area including all remaining rides and place a restaurant with playground and minigolf there

At the moment I know no motion to open a new theme park in or near the city.


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Within a few months the new Plopsapark 'Majaland Kownaty' in Poland will open its doors, and now there would be an expansion. A Polish theme park site lets you know that the park that is still being built will start within a few months on the construction of a wooden roller coaster, the first in Poland!

On May 26, 2018 Plopsa opens a new park in Poland: Majaland Kownaty . The park is similar to the two other indoor parks of the Plopsa group, but with a different theme (Heidi and Wickie) and a few other attractions. Besides the indoor hall, there is also a large outdoor area with attractions such as 'De Konijntjes' that we know from in Plopsaland De Panne.

And that outdoor zone would soon become even bigger, at least a rumor that a Polish amusement park site is spreading. In fact, the work would start within two to three months for a wooden roller coaster from GCI! It would be a copy or similar version of Heidi The Ride in Plopsaland, which opened last year. The opening year, theme and others are not known.

If these plans are implemented effectively, this means that Plopsa will build Poland's first wooden roller coaster. Plopsa himself has not communicated anything about this news yet.
UPDATE: Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of the Plopsagroup, has confirmed this news in the meantime.

http://www.pretparken.be/NL/article/1917/Bouwt Plopsa eerste houten achtbaan van Polen?!
So new Wooden Coaster coming to Poland :)


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Does it mean altitude above sea level type of "highest", or actually the tallest woodie in Europe? I mean White Lightning isn't taller tan Colossos...


yeah... So it was going to be the highest- higher than Colossos. But..

But today other park's spokesman corrected the first one. It appears it will be just a regular GCI " for adults ".


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After a few delays the new Majaland Kownaty near the German-Polish border officially opened on 29th September 2018. As part of the celebrations, the first concept art for the station of future wooden roller coaster was revealed.

The fact that the Majaland Kownaty will receive a wooden roller coaster in the future, that was already revealed back in February. In fact, construction of the new attraction has begun, as announced at the opening ceremony.

Around 7.5 million euros will be invested in the construction of the wooden roller coaster. The new product is manufactured by Great Coasters International - the manufacturer with which the amusement park group Plopsa has already worked together for the wooden roller coaster "Heidi - The Ride" in Plopsaland De Panne, Belgium. The new wooden roller coaster in Majaland Kownaty should also offer a similarly family-friendly driving experience.

The wooden roller coaster in Majaland Kownaty is to become the first wooden roller coaster in Poland.

The new Majaland Kownaty with indoor and outdoor areas was created with an investment of 20 million euros as the first part of the new Holiday Park Kownaty - a large new entertainment complex, with a water park, a sports park and hotel and more Entertainment operation planned. Plopsa CEO Steve van den Kerkhof announced at the opening ceremony that the investment volume has now been doubled and that within the next year and a half many more indoor and outdoor attractions will emerge. Such contracts have been signed during the recent amusement park exhibition Euro Attractions Show 2018 with manufacturers. Those responsible have the ambition to turn the project into Poland's "capital of joy".