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West Coast Racer- New Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord in 2019??

kenny cook

Mega Poster
so last night, i had a multi hour car ride back home from vacation and i was looking over some of the six flags trademarks, and one in particular stood out to me, west coast racer. while a lot of people i heard were pretty confident that it would be for six flags magic mountain as their new 2019 coaster, however, i've had an alternative perspective. we know that it's going to one of the following parks, as these are the only six flags parks located on the west coast:
-SFHH concord
SFHH los angeles

and here's how i eliminated each one:
-SFMM already has a racing coaster, and a racing themed attraction in the area right next to the 2019 project. six flags hasn't however trademarked any names that would even remotely point towards an auto themed area (which you'd think they'd do when they trademarked the name of the star attraction in the new land), so i've reluctantly eliminated this one
-SFDK has limited ride space due to the amount of animals that need quiet habitats, and they've used quite a bit of it. in addition, six flags tends to trademark the season before they're going to use it, and it's highly unlikely that six flags would add 3 major coasters in 4 years at a smaller park, especially when they'd get one marketing boost out of the space for 2 attractions. plus outside DC comics land, almost every ride at SFDK has more of a "natural" theme, hence why i don't see a random racing attraction being added. for all these reasons, i've eliminated SFDK
-in addition to SFHH los angeles having a mat race attraction with "racer" in the name, they've received quite a few waterpark additions in the past years. and with an obviously major attraction coming to the dry park this year, it's simply not logical to expect them to add a major waterpark addition to. this park was easily eliminated in my opinion

so now that the only eligible park left is six flags hurricane harbor concord, i released a video talking about the (mostly circumstantial) evidence i've discovered, and how this leads me to the conclusion that they'll be receiving a proslide mat racer for 2019!! be sure to let me know either in the comments section or here whether you agree, or whether you think it'll be something else. enjoy!!