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Walibi Rhone-Alps | Air Boat | Zamperla Nebulaz

I thought this was worth noting as Zamperla have deputed there new flat ride 'Nebulaz' (not sure if this is what the ride model will be called) at Coney Island NY.

The ride looks fun if not that intense, however there's something quite attractive and pleasing on the eye about this ride - and think it's got good potential too for theming.

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This ride's mere movement fascinates me enough to continue following its hopeful spread! At other parks, I could see this ride's structure adorned with steampunk or western style theming - imagine the tower as a huge steam pipe, with the arm connectors being large gears; or rather, a large barrel flanked by spinning wooden wheels. I'd love for this to come to a park near me, as it would certainly pique my interest.


Yes the name will be Air Boat, it will be located in the Bayou sub-area of the Festival City area.
According to the map it will replace the dodgems, because on the website it shows that it's located there
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Out of interest, are there any walk-through videos of Walibi Rhone-Alpes' Voodoo Quarter? It seems like an interesting area.