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Walibi Holland | RMC Raptor | 2025


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Allllllright then. Walibi's Raptor will no longer open on the 30th of March 2024, as was mentioned in the leaked memo from last spring. Opening is now slated for early 2025. However, there is also some positive news... (drumroll please)
It will be a unique layout, with  two different coasters! One will be a high thrill layout with at least one inversion, while the other will be a more family friendly ride. Whether or not it will be a dueling coaster remains to be seen, Walibi really could do with a good dueling coaster so I wouldn't be surprised.

I for one am getting really excited about this now, awesome to see Walibi getting what will probably be the first Raptor in Europe. Only thing I'm worried about is the capacity, wondering what numbers can be reached with two layouts running. Bring on 2025😃😃



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In related news, WH wants to add more family attractions in the coming years, including a Plopsa-style indoor area situated between the main park and the camping grounds. There aren’t any details to share, but an expansion of the camping area that would include the indoor park is planned for between 2026 and 2029.

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A proper family coaster is desperately needed at the park. Drako and Eat My Dust are more geared towards the lower end, and the park's other coasters are all towards the higher end of the family-thrill / extreme scale. A good, fun-for-all accessible family coaster is perfect for the park. Couple that with a more intense version ticks the boxes nicely.

An extra year to wait for opening is a bit of a bummer, but not too much of an issue when the park is still investing.


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Wait, two RMC Raptors? Gosh, that'll be a thing, then. That would make Walibi Holland the only park in the world with three RMC's!
Eat that, Magic Mountain. 😁
Six Flags Magic Mountain isn't the only park with two RMC's yet, Six Flags Fiesta Texas also has two RMC's, Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman.
So leave also something to eat for SFFT ;)


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While the raptor's not happening in 2024, W.A.B Plaza (the area surrounding Speed of Sound) is getting a refurb that year to bridge the gap.



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Walibi Holland’s managing director confirmed that the two Raptors will be placed in the space in between Goliath and the rest of the park, south of Condor. The path that dead ends at Goliath will finally be connected back to the rest of the park after twenty-plus years.

Also, maybe it’s time to remove the ”rumor” from the thread title? The Raptors have been officiallly confirmed by the park.