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Walibi Holland and Efteling?


Well I'm going to Amsterdam in a weeks time and am most likely going to go to Walibi Holland and I'm also thinking of maybe going to Efteling, so just wondering does anyone have any advise for these parks?

Does anyone know if Xpress is still SBNO or is it back open yet? And is there any sort of Single Rider lines or fast track in either park?

Mackem Lad

Xpress is still SBNO.

I assume they'll be giving it a makeover as they did with their Boomerang in future.

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Advice for Efteling: Don't waste about an hour with that god-awful new "Ravelign" show. It really is abysmal. However, make sure you do the dark rides there; they're not amazing, but they are really quirky and fun. The Mad House (Villa Volta???) is decent as well.

I can't think of much to say for Walibi really.

I don't think there's any single rider at either park from what I can remember, but I don't think they really need them anyway. Efteling is huge, so the crowds get spread out quite a bit, and Walibi has enough rides to basically do the same thing.

I can't see you having any issues riding everything you want to.