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Walibi Belgium | Popcorn Revenge | Alterface Erratic Dark Ride



Last year, Walibi Belgium announced their 5 year long masterplan. This year, the park opened a brand new themed zone 'Exotic World' and 'Tiki-Waka', a Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster.

2019 will be an even more important year for the park. Two new themed zones, a brand new entrance for the park, a new kiddiecoaster and...a brand new dark-ride from neighboring constructor Alterface.

The brand new Erratic Dark Ride, developed by Alterface, will be rising in the former Ali Baba themed zone and the former dark ride Ali Baba Palace (now location for the Project InvaZion and Lumberjack haunted house. This zone will be transformed into a Bollywood themed zone and have a themed Oriental restaurant with views on the parks lake.

Location for the themed zone and dark ride:

The Erratic Dark Ride 'Popcorn Revenge'.

I have heard rumors that the building from the Ali Baba dark ride has now been emptied to prepare construction.

To be continued ;)


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I still find it weird they're building a dark ride with a completely different theme to the rest of the area. For some reason I never clicked that the restaurant will be a completely new building.

I'm excited to see this new area come together, all the bright colours should make for a nice addition to the park.


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Very exciting, I'm really looking forward to watching this park grow into something spectacular.


The location for Popcorn Revenge will be the former building from the Ali Baba dark-ride, from which I recently found some amazing pictures. I have also been told that 50% the building will be used for the dark ride, the other 50% will be used for Halloween!



Destruction of the Ali Baba dark-ride has begun. Since 2002, the dark-ride was used as location for haunted houses, such as 'Palais de 1001 Horreurs', 'Monster Circus', 'Project Z' and 'Project Invazion' till last year. 50% of the building will be used for the dark-ride, 50% will be used for haunted houses during Halloween.

Pictures on the link below:


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it will be Popcorn themed?
Or like the concept art from Alterface with various themed rooms?
I believe the idea of the attraction is that you're in cinema, which the popcorn has 'taken over'. You go into various scenes (each themed as a cinema screen 'showing' a different film, as well as a lobby area), and you need to shoot the popcorn to regain control of the cinema.

It's the first one made, but it is an off the shelf model from Alterface.


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I have only just heard of this (must be living under a rock) and I can’t help but think that this is pretty awesome. It’s randomness is so hilarious that it could be a really fun ride. I think I will have to add Walibi Belgium to my list of parks to attend as I actually would love to experience this bonkers attraction when it’s open.


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I can't really bring myself to care about this, especially when considering the Intamin mega coming in a couple of years.