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Vertigo, Tivoli Gardens


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As i will be visiting tivoli this summer and this is one of the rides i am most looking forward, i just want to understand what it is really like, as i find the way it works some what perplexing. From reading other peoples reports on it, i got the gist that you operate yourself, but i do not understand how that works when there is multiple people in the carriage. Also, i remember someone saying that sometimes the operator just chooses a cycle for you, do you choose this? or is it just random? I would very much appreciate it could provide me with some answers. thanks.


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You should also bear in mind that there is a possibilty that the ride might be closed due to the high winds in the area. I didn't ride it though, not due to the high winds, but I just didn't have time to do it. Looked very cool, though.

EDIT: messed it up with Tivoli Friheden's SCAD Tower


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It's one of the best flat rides I've been on.

Make sure you ask for the most extreme setting.


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I've only got the opportunity to control the vehicle myself on opening season. Since then I've always been directed to a pre-set cycle. I believe that has to do with low capacity. It takes quite some time for the ride ops to explain how the controls work. I've begged to ride it on "manual" mode, but always been denied since opening season.. :cry:

Anyway, IF you get the chance to control the vehicle there are two joysticks in each vehicle. Halfway through the ride the control switches to the second joystick. The joystick works in several axises, and has a "turbo" button! :p

The extreme setting marc described is probably better than you could manage to do in manual mode. But it is incredibly cool to control an attraction like this yourself and if you get the chance I definitely recomend you to try it on manual!!

Still, I only visit the park once a year, maybe TheCoasterCruiser could be of more help? He might know how common (if ever) it is for them to run the attraction in manual mode nowdays?


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marc said:
It's one of the best flat rides I've been on.

Make sure you ask for the most extreme setting.

Ding ding!

Riding it on the denmark live a few years ago, it was terrific - forceful and not at all nauseating!


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I only rode it once during the CF-Live, which was during the opening year and we were all given the choice of manual or preset operation. The ride ops explained that you can't match the "extreme" setting in manual mode, so I think all of us went with the extreme preset since we only had time for the single ride. I would have loved to try the manual operation on a re-ride. Too bad they won't let you do that anymore, but it's still is one of the best flats I've ever ridden.