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Vertical Lift Coaster At Vekoma Factory.


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Some interesting going on's at the Vekoma factory recently. But what could it be?



Source: http://vekoma.webklik.nl/page/april-2015

I suspect it could be for this Chinese ride going to the Mall of China


but it looks too small really. Thoughts?


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If this coaster is smooth and reliable it could be a great compact design that could be cloned in other parks!


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GuyWithAStick said:
^ It's Vekoma's version of a Eurofighter. Do you expect it to be smooth?
Yes, pretty much all of Vekoma's new rides are very smooth and with the new trains they have for the loopers it helps with the head banging on the classics.

I don't think the problem with this is being rough, it just looks crap.


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Vertical lifts are the worst, especially if followed by a regular drop.

Looks pants.


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^ Not sure if it's just me, but I'm not seeing the image.

This, while it doesn't look great, will be pretty decent for a shopping mall coaster. Very few of them get any bigger than a roller skater, so in that respect it doesn't look that bad.


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Tough to tell from this sat image but this appeared on site recently at the Great Mall Of China


May or may not be coaster related.


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I have no idea what to think of this. Knowing Vekoma, it could go either way. Could be great, could be crap. We'll see...

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Those trains appear to be similar in design to the battlestar ride. Hopefully the design shown in the image has been fixed from the issues battlestar had. Another thing this prototype reminds me of is the compactness which can be seen in Vekoma's stingray coaster. Short train for a very compact layout. Will be keeping an eye on this project.