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Velocity-Vekoma Motorbike


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I've noticed no one ever seems to make these coasters, so I had a go. This one is very heavily influenced by the real Velocity and combines flowing air hills with a fast paced twisting section.

All forces are well within the acceptable green zone although the twisty section does get a little close to the edge of the green, around 1G, but that was planned from the start.



Good ride but i thought some of the twists were far to sharp to be taken at the speeds they are. I can see the similarity between this and velocity and i really lik some of the airtime hills. most of the turns were very smooth and the g's were all in check!



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I liked the layout, and also the supporting and colours were good but I agree, some of the turns were way too small and sharp for how fast they are going. Also it seemed a bit plain with no scenery or trees etc. Good coaster though 7/10


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Blaze said:
All forces are well within the acceptable green zone
Uhh, don't go by the colors. Forces up to 6g/-1.6 verticals are perfectly acceptable ;)


Trackwork was pretty good. Some very rough areas with the entrances and exits to the turns. Some turns were taken way too fast, others were too slow. Airtime might have been a bit strong for this coaster type.

Supports looked pretty good, although some appeared to be a bit small in comparison.

Overall a good ride, but it does need work.