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VelociCoaster’s Mosasaurus Roll or Iron Gwazi’s Death Roll; which fast Florida barrel roll do you prefer?

VelociCoaster’s Mosasaurus Roll or Iron Gwazi’s Death Roll?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. Two of the newest and most revered coasters in the state of Florida are VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. These are two very different rides, with VelociCoaster being an Intamin LSM Launch Coaster while Iron Gwazi is an RMC IBox coaster, but one interesting similarity they share is that they both have notable fast barrel rolls with funky names; on VelociCoaster, the ride ends with the Mosasaurus Roll, which flips you upside down over the water before the ride flies into the final brake run, and on Iron Gwazi, one of the key elements of the ride is the Death Roll, which flips you downwards very quickly out of a high banked curve. With this in mind, I’d be keen to know; which of these fast Florida barrel rolls do you prefer? Are you a fan of the Mosasaurus Roll, or is the Death Roll more your style?

Personally, I think that they’re both phenomenal inversions, but I’d have to give it to the Mosasaurus Roll, personally. While Iron Gwazi’s Death Roll is great, and I thought the downwards whip was really interesting, I preferred the negative g-forces provided by VelociCoaster’s Mosasaurus Roll, and I overall preferred the way this inversion rode for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint.

But which fast Florida barrel roll do you prefer? I’d be really interested to know!


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Interesting comparison, I'd never really considered them both to be of a similar ilk.
I think for me it's the mosy, though that may just be situational.

I almost forget the Death Roll is a thing in amongst the remaining insanity that is Iron Gwazi, not to say it isn't amazing.
Velocicoaster builds up to the Mosasaurus and it's a much more definitive highlight of the whole ride experience. Setting doesn't hurt either.


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Sorry for being a bit OT... I never rode Velocicoaster (nor Iron Gwazi... ) but just to understand... the Mososaurus Roll is similar to the last roll on Blue Fire? 'cause I think this one is gorgeous

Matt N

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Sorry for being a bit OT... I never rode Velocicoaster (nor Iron Gwazi... ) but just to understand... the Mososaurus Roll is similar to the last roll on Blue Fire? 'cause I think this one is gorgeous
Yes, it’s very similar, although I’d say the Mosasaurus Roll felt a little more refined and nicer to ride, personally.


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The Mosasaurus roll positioning over the water is fantastic in pictures and in person. It looks the best and was my most anticipated moment. Never did I expect it to be the most painfully intense part of the ride ejecting you out as you spin. My upper half enjoyed but my thighs objected. The experience isn't how I remember Blue fires roll at all, that was well rounded, not overly intense, nippy and easily re-ridable. Hopefully in the future I can go back better orientated and prepared to love mosey more.

The Death Roll has the benefit of diving at the same time as all the other motions so adds to the sinking feeling and thrill.

While I wouldn't think they are that comparable, having both in reach of the same trip is a treat. Funky names are fun. Would take either over an old school corkscrew or the Colossus ending any day.


Matt SR
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The Mosasaurus Roll is a true masterpiece - a decade in the making since Maverick tried and failed with a similar inversion.


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My two favourite ever inversions, on the best 2 rides I have ever been on. Despite riding them on consecutive days it's so hard to choose between the coasters or the inversions. I think the Mosasaurs roll is more impressive visually, but I voted for the death roll as it's a bit more insane.


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Mosasaurus Roll for sure. Like others already said, I think it has the edge because of its placement at the end of the ride, the location and how it is almost as exciting to watch as it is to ride. Iron Gwazi is amazing and I loved the Death Roll, but it didn't stand out for me as much as there is so much craziness happening on that ride - it was almost over before I even realised what was happening. I love the anticipation of the Mosasaurus roll when riding VelociCoaster.


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Tough call. Like Peet, I rode both the day after the other (and returned to Universal a day or so afterwards), and I’m edging towards Gwazi. Visually (both on and off ride), the Mosasaurus roll is great but I knew it was coming. Whereas IG’s death roll took me by surprise every time. I must’ve ridden it about 8 times and I never got to used to it. That’s what I love about IG - my mind is running behind the pace of the coaster. I’m not at one with it, it’s knocking me off my senses and that’s what I love.


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Mosasaurus roll.

I've ridden Velocicoaster plenty more than Iron Gwazi, so I know exactly what the moso roll feels like, with it being the highlight of the ride. I'm still having a little harder of a time trying to remember what the death roll feels like. Doesn't help that it's not even the best part of Gwazi... that belongs to the wave turn.

Moso roll also benefits from the visual of being right above the pond. No other coaster are you able to look up and see water for what feels like just a few feet above you.