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Vekoma or getting hit by a car?

Would you rather:

  • Ride a mediocre Vekoma

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Get hit by a car (~35mph) while in a sumo suit

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Alright; I'm feeling a bit silly, and furie's complaining about a lack of good topics, so here goes:

Do you think it would be more fun to ride a mediocre Vekoma (ex: Ninja @ SFOG, any SLC except Hangman @ Wild Adv., etc) or get hit by a car going say 30-40mph while you're in a Sumo Suit (pic below for reference)?

"Car" could be either an automobile or one of the cars on the Vekoma train; up to you.

Assume you land OK if you're hit by the car (i.e. not on your head).



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I'd take my changes on getting hit by the car. It would still be slightly less painful than a bog standard SLC, give a bit of airtime and be more fun than one.


Id rather ride than get hit. Getting hit would be embracing and would give the same amount of injury's as riding a Vekoma. But hey its all fun isn't it.


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I don't think I've experienced a really really rough Vekoma yet so I'd probably rather ride a Vekoma. Some Vekomas are butter smooth like Millennium Coaster or Velocity etc.


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I'd ride the Vekoma. BUT, make sure it's one I haven't done. Cred <3


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SoB or Villain I would have to heavily weigh my options, but Vekomas are not so bad. :razz:


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Hyde244 said:

SoB or Villain I would have to heavily weigh my options, but Vekomas are not so bad. :razz:

Most of my Vekoma's haven't been BAD, but there have been a few exceptions. My most hated rides.. Villain.. I'd probably take the car.


Somehow I doubt a novelty sumo suit is going to offer much protection against a car.


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Vekoma.. They're not all that bad. Plus, you usually don't break bones when you're riding a Vekoma, so if I got hit by a car I'd be taking the chance of actually getting an injury instead of just having a minor headache at the most.


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Vekoma's are underestimated. Just because 99% of them are ridiculously violent, doesn't make them all awful. I've only rode one SLC (Vortex - Siam Park City) and thought it was great! Really forceful and surprisingly smooth, as well as some nice legchopper and a decent layout, if cloned a million times (However this one has an extended finale). Maybe I just got lucky and rode one of the best clones out there.

Boomerang clones are also fairly decent, it just suffers from the same problem the SLC's have by appearing practically everywhere!

My final answer is getting hit by a car, the G's and ejector would be insane :razz:


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seriously, I don't get all the "vekoma are crap" stuff - ok, ther looping coasters aren't as good as a b and m, but what is?