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Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread


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Great article in Parkworld Magazine about Vekomas up and coming projects. Aside from confirming Transmart have order an astounding 48 coasters (20 are now open)
4 Mk1101 Hyper Space Warps are heading to Fantawild parks. (We have seen 2 installed already)
Most excitingly 2 MK1101 Top Gun Launched coasters have been snapped up by Fantawild as well.
And excitingly for the US a new major project there.

The Top Gun launch coasters are another in the line of great looking launched rides Vekoma are producing like the Space Warp, Firestorm and Shockwave and I reckon the best of the lot so keep an eye out for those.


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The Top Gun layout has been revealed on the Vekoma fb page. Look at that glorious top hat!




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Go home Vekoma, you're drunk. :p

Not only is the top hat mental, look at the downward sloping heartline roll that crosses over the launch track! That'll be fast.


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That second hill... is it a non-inverting sidewinder, or is the camera angle just wonky? Either way, this looks like one helluva layout.

Also... two-car trains? That's unusual.


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I like it... But why only 8 riders per train?

Doesn't look as good as the Shockwave IMO.
More acceleration from the linear motors at a fixed power output. It means a more "powerfull" launch and, more important, a shorter launch track for the same launch speed. This is how you make a more compact coaster, and a cheaper one. The trade-off, obviously, is that to keep the capacity high, you need to divide your layout into blocks, and add an MCBR.
This is how Gerstlauer has been making it, and why their launches are so powerful compared to similar rides from other manufacturers.


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Six trains an hour? Yeah, probably not far off!
Yep, if they stick to their regular operations of getting a train out every ten minutes, regardless of queue length.

At least there'll be a second train to look at while you're waiting half an hour for them to clear the 24 people in front of you.


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Anyone know what exactly the guys in Vlodrop have been drinking, and can I have some of it please?

Of all their recently released layouts, this looks like my potential favourite. The speed it's taking some of those elements is lush <3