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USA vs Japan coasters

Which is better

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Alex B

Matchups are
X2 vs eijanaika
Tatsu vs flying dinosaurs
Steel vengeance vs hakugei
Ik this is odd but maverick vs dododonpa
Fury 325 vs bandit
Skyrush vs Fujiyama
Cedar point vs Fuji q highland


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You can't spell Eejanaika and it's better than X2.
There's only one Flying Dinosaur and it's better than Tatsu.
Pass for now.
The rest are just unfair.


The more fair comparison would be "Cedar Point vs Nagishima Spa Land" - both parks are out on a Peninsula, sport a fashionable array of coasters old and new, each have a giga coaster from 2000 as well as brand new RMC hybrids, and both are regarded as the best amusement parks in their respective countries.

Alex B

fair enough but I didn’t know nagashima was on a penninsula, I thought Fuji q was the premier park there but it’s arguable

Matt N

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From my perspective, I'd say Fuji-Q looks like Asia's SFMM, whereas Nagashima looks like Asia's Cedar Point.

Alex B

Well yea nagashima has a giga and RMC like millenium force and steel vengeance while Fuji q has eijanaika and like x2 and west coast racers