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Universal's Epic Universe Announced! New Orlando Resort!


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That's quite a mouthful. Odd choice.

Any word on the line-up yet?


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^Please don't triple post, you could have easily merged all of those tweets into one post.

I spy a cred. I don't why but I have a slight suspicion that it is a B&M Surf coaster and I've no idea why.

EDIT:- I think I can see two creds, there looks to be a very dark cobra roll towards the bottom-right of the image.
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Well it's no doubt an extremely exciting announcement, but the lack of any real details feels a bit frustrating. Is there even an estimated opening date given?

I know it's only concept art, but does anyone else think that the big coaster on the bottom right looks a bit like it might be duelling/racing?

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Very exciting! Looks like a great park; did they reveal an opening date, out of interest?


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come on now did you even read the post above yours?
Lol it's almost as if we JUST created a thread to address this. Oh wait:

For real though, y'all. Read the posts. You'd be surprised how much you'll learn.


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Alicia has already posted the concept art with the rumoured areas point out...

Looks great! The dueling cred was a surprise.

This is basically what I was expecting from the announcment (hoped for more), just glad to see it all official. I suppose construction will be starting pretty soon seeing as the land clearing has finished.

There was confirmation that new roads are going to start construction and the journey between the new area and the current resort is 12 minutes. They're hoping the new Virgin trainline from Miami to Orlando airport will add a station at the convention centre (which is across the street).