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Universal studios vs islands of adventure

What is better

  • Universal studios

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • islands of adventure

    Votes: 10 90.9%

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Alex B

(Requested by chriss moyer)
Matchups are...
Hollywood rip ride rocket vs the incredible hulk (Standout attractions)
Revenge of the mummy vs hagrids magical creatures motorbike (Highly themed roller coasters)
Shrek 4-d vs the simpsons ride
Woody woodpeckers nuthouse coaster vs flight of hipogriff

Im sorry those were the only matchups i could think of after sitting and looking through universals rides they are so similar but they both look awesome and i apolagize that there are only a few matchups...These alone took me a half an hour and i think these are just way to similar to come up with more if you like you could put your suggestions for match-ups in the comments as i said i tried my best.

Matt N

Well-Known Member
I personally prefer Islands of Adventure as a park because it feels like such an immersive experience with great stuff! Universal Studios is awesome too, though; there isn't that much of a gap!

Alex B

I’m sorry it was my first requested match up and I had no prior knowledge about either park and I didn’t want to be a dick to the person who requested it and make enemy’s so I tried my best and did it

Aaron Smith

When comparing the parks, I used to prefer IOA but now i prefer Universal Studios. The ride selection is great and keeps me more entertained. With the new JP coaster and Hagrid's I'm sure my preference will change back in a few years.
Thanks for the mention haha, but as @witchfinder said, Shrek and Simpsons are in the same park! You should know they are both in USF. But thanks for posting it! I think IOA is obviously the better park, but I can do more of the rides in USF!