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Universal Studios Japan | Super Nintendo World | New land | 2021


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I don't even like/have any emotional connection to Nintendo games however you just know this is going to be fantastic.


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Apparently the park is delaying the opening indefinitely, perhaps until 2021.



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Universal Studios and Nintendo originally hoped to have everything ready in time for the 2020 Olympics, but it simply wasn’t possible due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Well... as the 2020 Olympics are also delayed to 2021 this is still completely possible.


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Looks like we got an animatronic Yoshi.

I have to say among all the theme worlds of Disney or Universal, this one is giving me the most bizarre sensation, my mind can't process this impressive video game simulation in the real life. I feel like I'm seeing the video game but hearing the real world. Scary.


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This is going to be like Harry Potter where you can spend a significant amount of time just taking in the area, finding new details and always finding something new. I'm impressed so far.


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That is all rather adorable, isn't it? :)