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Universal Set To Expand


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Saw that you posted this on your Facebook earlier...

Very interesting! Shame there's nothing for the UK, and it's a shame Russia is getting a park, but it's still great to see them developing. I also think it's good that they're expanding across the globe and not just in Florida. Makes sense to me!


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I'm glad Universal is expanding even more. Theme Park Guy has posted some pics of the proposed site for Moscow and Korea.


But, doesn't Universal already have Wet n Wild?


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It's interesting to see how the Florida waterpark rumour changes. I'd read that Wet 'n' Wild might be torn down, expanded and become the new Universal-branded waterpark. Whereas this article seems to suggest otherwise. Either way I think it's certain that Wet 'n' Wild won't be around for much longer.

I'm rather excited about Universal, Comcast seem to be loving the potential of the company and since they saw what Potter can do they're just throwing everything at expansions. Rumours are all over the place. Another thing that is interesting to note is that years ago Universal actually planned a full on park for Moscow so it's interesting to read that it's now been reduced to a small indoor park.

The article also fails to mention Japan's expansion rumours. The company that run it have said they want to open a second gate somewhere in Japan - they have no room to expand the resort in Osaka itself so they have to look elsewhere. They have even considered looking at other Asian countries to open a second park.


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^ That sadly won't happen. They won't want to set up a competition with such a large project, it'd be idiotic in a business sense.


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Guys this is about Universal there is a topic for the other park already :)

There are no plans for Universal to ever open in the UK.


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What a difference a few years makes. I got a tour of the "global development" office in 2010, it consisted of one guy with a poster of concept art from Universal Dubai.


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Think the difference is the new owners and no longer having Blackstone involved.

Look at the difference since Blackstone took over sea world and Busch.