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Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021


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Pardon me?

When developing the trains for Taron together with Intamin, Phantasialand wanted a very open train with as much freedom as possible. "An enormously important factor here was the right seat height. Only a raised seat position where the feet do not touch the floor, could enable precisely the feeling of flying through the air that was important to us." (from https://magazin.phantasialand.de/en-project-tarons-train/ ). Thus, Taron's seats are raised higher above the train floor, and the angle of the seat support, which I have marked in red, is steeper. The standard Intamin trains, like on Kondaa, have lower seating and so the angle of the seat support is slacker (also marked in red). Most of the new roller coasters by Intamin have the standard trains, Pantheon, Kondaa, Soaring With Dragon, Dueling Dragons etc., so I was surprised that Velocicoaster has the higher seating and no one had pointed this out, so I did. I added a picture of Velocicoaster for reference. Credit: Intamin, Themepark Magic and nite_coaster). I hope you understand what I mean now
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Something I hadn't noticed yet: from the looks of it, these trains seem to have the same elevated seats as Taron has, opposed to the standard new gen Intamin trains used on Kondaa, Taiga, Pantheon, Soaring With Dragon. If you look closely at the trains you can see that the seats are higher above the track than on the standard trains. It helps to look at the front angle of the triangular support with which the seat is attached to the train, on these and Taron's trains, the angle is steeper.


I think Taron, Taiga and Velocicoaster have an identical setup in terms of seat elevation

Seeing kids trying to clamber into these seats can be quite funny tbh.


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The angle shown on Tarons Train is a cover, not the metal from the train itself. The Taron train is the new standard train from Intamin and as far as I know they only made a few changes since (the electric contacts have been changed as well as an additional cover on some screws). I can confirm that Taigas trains are apart from those modifications identical with Tarons.


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^You may be right about the cover part. But you should be able to look at Taron/Taiga/Veloci and Pantheon/Kondaa and see that the seats are at different heights.


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I reckon these would be the first shot I have at riding the "new" trains; definitely interested to see the evolution from the OG blitz trains.

I give Intamin credit; they feel like they are quicker to iteratively update train designs, often for the better (belt OTSR restraints, improving lapbar restraints, chair seating shifts, etc.); whereas other manufacturers seem to slowly roll less aggressive updates (e.g. B&M trying to stadium-seating hyper train or rollout of vest restraints to Inverts and DM). Granted, the downside of finnicking is you may rollout a product before it's fully stable release... but that's what gives us discussion content in the forums. ;P


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I think Taron, Taiga and Velocicoaster have an identical setup in terms of seat elevation

Seeing kids trying to clamber into these seats can be quite funny tbh.
Didn't know Flying Fish from Thorpe got an inversion!

In regards to Velocicoaster, personally think it looks like it's running great. Although, I must agree with the user who mentioned about the trains, which are stunning, but not sure how well they *fit* within the 'jurassic' theme.


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I think it'll be clear in the storyline.
I mean with flying dinosaur they have a single Pteranadon at the front of the train, but otherwhise the cars look like jetpacks, and the theme according the queue videos is literally the ride being "new technology" to re-create flying.


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If you don't think the trains fit the Jurassic World theme you probably need to watch/re-watch the film, there are several futuristic transit systems on the island; this train is very inkeeping. I think it's far better than being just another train with a plastic dinosaur on the front.


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Anyone else finding it mildly irritating how the final brake run and second launch tunnels aren't fully enclosed?
Haha I thought I was the only one! I guess they are going for the raptor cage look but it does come across as looking unfinished. Hopefully we see some lightning and more bits of theming put in them :)


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Do we know what launch system Maverick uses? And do we know what launch system Velocicoaster uses?

The loud sound of Taron's launch does actually not come from the launch fins itself but from the current source inverter (might be the wrong word, on German it's Wechselrichter). If you can put the inverter outside of the tunnel, then you wouldn't have a noise problem (but maybe a ton of other problems, I'm no engineer ?).