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Universal Horror Unleased - Year round haunt for Vegas


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Not seen a topic on this yet even though it was announced back in 2023 and construction is moving along nicely (put it here rather than one of the construction sections as seemed more suited but feel free to move if needed).

For those that haven't heard, Universal are creating a year round Halloween Horror Nights venue in Las Vegas called Universal Horror Unleased. It'll be part of a 20 acre expansion to AREA15 which is an immersive entertainment district in Las Vegas. It's expected to open in 2025 with 4 haunted houses as well as seasonal events, dining, bars and shops.





Construction is moving along nicely on the site.
Photo of progress from last month - Source: Black Magic Adventures

Photo of progress from yesterday. Source: PJsPonderosa

The venue is a massive 110,000 square feet venue is expected to contain four haunted house experiences surrounding a central hub area which is rumoured to be a scare zone also housing the venues dining and bar areas.

Unofficial rumored layout for interior structure of Universal Horror Unleashed. Source: OrlandoParkStop

Looks like an exciting development and will be interesting to see how successful it is. Vegas hasn't had much success in the past with year round haunted houses. Eli Roth opened Goretorium in 2012 but then it closed due to bankrupcy a year later so hopefully the demand for this kind of attraction in Vegas has grown since then.