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Ultimate Coaster: A Really (and boy, do I mean really) Good Coaster Builder for Android


Hey guys, I found a neat little Android app called "Ultimate Coaster." Despite how cheap the name is, it's actually pretty good.

It's free on the Play Store, and you start out with standard B&M track (in the game it's called Box-Spined). You can use other track styles, such as B&M inverts, Vekoma SLCs, Arrow/Vekoma loopers, Intamin inverts, and what I think is either Premier or Intamin standard track. But they all cost $2.99 extra.

The game features a VR mode to, so you can ride the monstrosity you've made.

Anyways, the point of this post was to see if anyone else here played it, not to advertise it.

Below are a few screenshots from the game.

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It's on iPad as well, so here comes the same amount of my life about to be wasted as when the iPad RCT came out