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Two different Kingda Ka concepts.

Which concept would you prefer?

  • 2 smaller hills

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this reminds me of the different versions of TTD that were released, such as the one with had an overbanked turn after the top hat that went into a series of airtime hills...

But anyways, I prefer the original one the best. The other one just looks like they're tryin to squeeze too much in, and just looks sloppy.


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I think the first one looks better, I have heard that KK as it is doesn't provide airtime. That one looks like it could of though.


I aggree with hyde and snoosnoo. The double hill one looks too intense, and looks like it has been squeezed in.

Dan Farrell

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It seems to be a general rule that the bigger an airtime hill is, the worse the airtime. Thats why Exp GeForce, S:ROS and Goliath at Walibi World are better for airtime than Millennium Force and Stealth's airtime seems to be impressing people whereas Kingda Ka's hasnt apparently.
Judging by the look I agree that the first concept looks a bit sloppy, however multiple airtime hills could produce more airtime or maybe it would be too intense sensation.

I have no idea why the engineers changed the plans though.


Negative G's are an excellent source of thrills, but two small hills will provide too little negative G's. Besides, Kingda Ka is fun with one hill.


I also think Kingda ka is better the way it is, but it definately looks more intense with two hills. can you imagine the mounts of airtime on the first hill? It's so small for a train travelling way over 100mph.
On a bigger airtime hill the increment factor of vertical speed drops down quickly whereas a small sharp airtime hill means a sudden reverse of the direction.

I can understand the way it works but it is much more difficult to explain.


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I think that they made a good choice to stick with the 1 larger airtime hill. Sure, two would be nice, but for the smaller airtime hill in the first picture, it looks like it could be fairly intense, and with two, it might take away the main part of the ride, which would be the launch and top hat concept.


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the first one looks sloppy and doesn't look like it flows as well as the second.
Ultimate Coaster said:
I assume you made up this story, as I've never heard (nor do I believe) that Ka was supposed to have two airtime hills.
National Geographic - Megastructures. Quite a reliable source.


Can anyone confirm this?


Do you have a link to anything? I find this very suspect too...
With the space they had, trying to make something like that work seems highly unlikely. I just want to see where it says that.
^ Yes but I cannot upload a copyrighted video on the net.

The source is:

"The Ultimate Rollercoaster" (Megastructures) on National Geographic.

I'm pretty sure some people here on CF have seen this.


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Yeah those two airtime hills would have been way too intense. Especially the way that they are, the smaller hill in front. I dont think they would design it that way, cause anyone with a lick of sense would see that those force on the first hill would be deadly. But I like it a lot better the way it is. And you still get pretty decent air. Rides like KK and TTD arent supposed to be airtime machines either. They're realy there to provide a growht in ticket sales and promote the park. To put the park on the map. And to provide a quick thrill, something terrifying and fulling.


it doesnt matter as much to me, i am a die hard TTD fan so which ever makes KK worse hehehe


If they did the other version I think there would be too much g-force. I think that is why they have made it so big. But it does seem like that it doesn't have air time at all.

I think that if it would work then I would pic the second,