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I strongly suspect it's a ride from Hafema, but Intamin did built one raft ride in Germany with a whirlpool.

Tusenfryd Invests 45 million NOK (5,4 million USD) in a new attraction!

Opens 500m (1 640 ft) long family rafting in spring 2016

TusenFryd will build Norway's toughest water-based attraction, unique of its kind in Northern Europe. An exciting river rapids over half a kilometer will be constructed, and in the wild rapids await several waterfalls, a maelstrom and other challenging obstacles.

Again TusenFryd invests considerable resources to offer the public a new, unique experiences in the park.

"Rapid River" is the project name of the concept which has been planned for several years. In all, 18,000 m3 (4,4 acre) masses will be removed, which corresponds to 1,200 truckloads. Thereafter, 2.000 m3 (0,4 acre) of concrete cast on an area equivalent to 3,500 square meters (0.8 acre). When construction is completed 1.3 million liters (343 423,6 gallons) of water filling the river, and two large pumps that push each 2,200 liters (581 gallons) of water per second will create a strong current in the river.

Intense experiences awaits the guests

The attraction has a capacity of 900 guests per hour. The guests will board one of nine rafts that each takes nine passengers. Along the river, they have to go through two waterfalls, a swirling maelstrom, a tunnel and other exciting challenges. The whole attraction comes with a Norse theme, in keeping with the design of "Thor's Hammer" which is another well-known guests favorite in the park.

The river will follow the falling terrain and be located close by "Thor's Hammer" and "Supersplash" and then sling 500 meters on the plot.

- This is a great family attraction. We are proud to offer our audience new unique quality attractions, and look forward with expectation to be able to wish guests a thrilling ride with the new family attraction in the spring, says Andersen.





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Re: Tusenfryd new rapids ride for 2016!

Yay for new rapids. That concept art is also amazing. Think the layout looks a little drawn out, hopefully the plain looking areas have some decent rapids.

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Re: Tusenfryd new rapids ride for 2016!

Didn't Intamin also build Kali River Rapids? That(kind of) has a whirlpool.

Still looks great.

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Re: Tusenfryd new rapids ride for 2016!

Looks good if not a little short, the theming and promo art looks fantastic though.

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Re: Tusenfryd new rapids ride for 2016!

I quite like this addition, hope they can pull the theming on the concept art off.

Also, I like how the whirlpool is "hidden" like that, so you won't be able to tell what's what right away. I feel like a lot of those whirlpools on rapids are pretty pointless when it's just a big concrete circle in plain sight.


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Re: Tusenfryd new rapids ride for 2016!

This is really tarting to take shape! I really like this addition, it will be perfect for the area down by the water coaster.



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Here are the latest construction photos from the park's website. The first and last photos show where the ride is located up behind SuperSplash with the station next to Thor's Hammer's entrance.






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Absolutely loving the concept art for this - I am a bit of a fan of rapids rides when they're done right (Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges, Grizzly River Run, Kali River Rapids), basically fantastically themed rides, and this has the opportunity to fit into that.

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The ride is now open!


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Kimahri and I rode Ragnarok on Monday. It's not quite finished yet, among other things the station building lacks a roof and permanent railings, but open to the public nevertheless. I enjoyed it, he disliked it, then again I have a bit of a soft spot for rapids rides. It gets you wet (mostly by flooding the boat) but it's not drenching. Although there is one spot where a bridge crosses the track, and water guns are mounted on the bridge, so you better be prepared to be soaked by other park-goers.

The themeing was mostly unfinished too when we went, so no judgement on that front.


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Kinda weird for them to open the ride with the bare minimum done to get it open but given the adorable size of Tusenfryd I can't blame them for being pushed to open it.

That being said it's better than any rapids ride in the uk. **** thing decided to piss a whole wave over my legs, soaking my phone. I'll give it props for a water ride actually doing stuff with water unlike Alton and Thorpe's rapids giving you a slight dashing of moisture.

Also it has 2 drops. Drops on a rapids ride are weird and terrifying.