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I have faith in them to make it feel like the same experience - the queue line is actually quite dark and atmospheric, and I wouldn't be surprised if that carries on into the pre-lift section.


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Some more details:

New: darkride scene Fēnix
“Last winter we added more experience to the new Avalon theme area,” says head designer Peter van Holsteijn. In Avalon, the famous wizard Merlin, together with his ally Fēnix, ensures that good magic dominates. However, the evil ice witch Morgana is lurking. “Anyone taking a ride in the spectacular roller coaster Fēnix will come into contact with Morgana and her ice-cold followers in the mysterious dark ride scene. Morgana has been transformed into an evil ice dragon and Fēnix has to brave her before being able to make a flight through Avalon. From now on, visitors starting at 132 cm can ride the impressive roller coaster.
And some concept art:




An interesting story. Again, not sure it's what I'd have necessarily thought would go there, but can't deny it looks pretty cool!


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Slightly dissappointing? The **** was you expecting?

This is literally how I expected it to be, and it looks great. Much better than the plain black walls.


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To be completely honest, I did expect them to at least theme the side walls. The actually creature and smoke effects look lush but I'm pretty neutral about it.

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Got on this today, agreed that the dragon looks ace, the shadowy figures are just weird, like a load of props left in a corridor. Doesn't detract from the ride at all, but definitely left us wondering what was going on.