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Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster


Strata Poster
Yeah that looks very nice! Looks like the zero g roll will be taken at a pretty good speed.

I like wing coasters. Sure they're not the best but I find them very enjoyable and they offer some unique transitions.


Mega Poster
This ride does look great. There's just one thing missing. Themeing/near misses.

I'm not worried about the theming and landscaping. The progress of the area is taking up quickly since last week.

I think the ride won't have much near misses but I still hope that they're not on the concept art but that there will be added at least one near miss effect. We'll have to wait and see.


Giga Poster

Toverland just livestreamed the installation of the final section of track. Fenix is now complete!


Captain Basic
I still can't get over how gorgeous that blue is.

The ride looks great, too. It looks like it'll provide a nice mix of forces throughout the layout.


Giga Poster
Well I'm feeling a bit more confident that it'll be open when I visit now. Maybe not fully themed, but open nonetheless..

The turn and drop aren't great-looking. I still wish they could have incorporated the turn and drop into one element, as that would have looked and ridden like a charm!


Roller Poster
I cannot believe how quickly Toverland put up this beast of a coaster.... cannot wait until the whole area is completed!